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One of the biggest carnivals on the Internet in recent times is the return of the post-95s Internet first paradise that reveals their age.

The tears of the times are so precious, countless adults who are being 996 are willing to pay for a “return to childhood”.

But the story is too big, there are too many tasks, Super Ram (Moore’s Pokemon, need to be recharged) has risen from 10 yuan to 25 yuan, and all kinds of complaints can be seen everywhere.

In particular, there are so many game bugs, which causes

#Moore Manor was soaked in the bath and peeped at##Moore Manor was caught without clothes#

Players outside of various official operations have created memes to rush to the hot search, and find adult-like humor in the program glitches of children’s games.

Everyone collectively complained that “Moore Manor” has changed, not the original recipe and taste, but why haven’t we changed in front of the mobile phone screen?

Even seeing Moore without clothes on the road is different from his childhood thoughts.

 Child: Why do moles wear clothes?

 Adult: This mole is not dressed, catch it!

In the adult world, even moles do not have the freedom to dress.

Today, the fashion police of Moore Manor also arrested some Moore who were dressed inappropriately.

Some people say that how much adults miss “Moore Manor”, how much they miss childhood. But in fact, no matter how restored the new version of the game is, it is not the manor in 2008, and the friends who played games with you in childhood disappeared like those gray QQ avatars.

After doing farm work in the mobile game, you still have to face the unfinished PPT, the endless customer WeChat, and the freedom to dress what to wear tomorrow so that you will not be “caught”.

But in the end, even if a nostalgic IP game only brings you 3 minutes of enthusiasm, even if it is eventually uninstalled like other cultivation games, it also lights up the small world in your heart again, and the little Moores and Rams in it will tell you to come back and rest when you are tired.

Friendly reminder: The manor is illegal, and everyone must respect the Moors’ freedom to dress.

Executive Producer: Sherry Ning Lee

Responsible editor: Chen Xixi

Editorial Assistant: Stella

Design: Hanlu

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