The belt plays a role in adjustment, no matter how loose and fat the waist of the pants is not suitable, the user can also adjust the belt to make the pants fit well on their body, which is a blessing for thin men, this article has collected the corresponding belts in the three major markets of the middle and high end.

Belts for men are equivalent to the value of earrings for women, women’s decorations will be many, such as bags, earrings, scarves, scarves, necklaces, etc., men’s only ties, watches and belts, for business people who often wear shirts, belts are your symbol of taste, good belts have high-quality and wear-resistant leather, no matter how many times of use, can make him brand new.

For all kinds of men, belts have not only played a role in stabilizing requirements, but also your most fashionable definition, and international brands will introduce several new designs of belts in each quarter of the year.

1 SEPTWOLVES Seven Wolves

Seven Wolves is a leather goods company founded in 1996, the head office has a diversified business projects, from men’s and women’s clothing to accessories and briefcases, travel bags, classic business gifts are involved, in this 25-year long history slowly forward, steady development, always will challenge life, never look back as their corporate belief, the pursuit of all things to integrity-based, the pursuit of reality, self-denial, dedication as their first motto, Seven Wolves know the importance of corporate culture to enterprises, He has been following the trend of the times, striving to constantly update and improve the company’s system, and strive to build his team into a young team with deep corporate culture awareness, so far, all leather goods under Seven Wolf products have passed various standard indicators, becoming the benchmark of Chinese leather goods.

In order to protect the environment, the belt used by Seven Wolves is made of fake crocodile leather, and the head of the belt is made of steel gray stainless steel, the symbolic logo of Seven Wolves stands on the head of the belt, and the coffee-colored stripe design embellishes the color of the entire black belt.

2 Goldlion

Since its establishment 30 years ago, Jinli has been contributing to China’s 35-45-year-old middle-aged men, and now the brand has penetrated into the hearts of middle-aged men, and it is also the best gift choice for young people to give their fathers. Some of the most popular styles under Jinlilai, he perfectly highlights the core concept of innovation and classicism, using softer PU leather material, in order to make the whole not look monotonous, but also selected some fine lines, in order to facilitate the user to disassemble and wear the belt, but also set a small button under the belt head, these details also make Jinlilai highly praised.

3 LACOSTE crocodile (France)

Crocodile Lacoste is a well-known French T-shirt, polo shirt, all kinds of leather bags brand, his all kinds of product quality are in pursuit of perfection, especially the Polo shirt in the thick plate rubber logo is currently the most novel design in the polo shirt industry, it has its own factory, many of the most innovative designs can not be imitated by peers.

The belt is also a new industry derived from the crocodile brand, this brown belt is the latest color of the crocodile, using genuine leather, perfect seam makes the overall look more high-end, even if the wearer’s pants are updated, this belt can still be as new as the first sight.

4 TUCANO Woodpecker (Italy)

Woodpecker has been its main product since its inception in Rome, and has been operating in the market for many years, Montely is the founder of the Woodpecker brand, before becoming a businessman, Mr. Mondley is a wildlife research enthusiast, especially like to communicate with animals in nature, among which woodpeckers are one of his favorite birds, and woodpeckers are also the inspiration for him to create this brand, he hopes to develop a noble lifestyle and traditional clothing trends. The descendants of future generations will also pass down his clothing concept well, and inject all the inspiration and design wisdom into it, and now the woodpecker has enjoyed a certain reputation in Europe, both men and women of all ages are more or less fond of the woodpecker’s products, in the 80s of the 20th century, the planner of the woodpecker saw the vastness of the Chinese market, so he officially announced the introduction of the Chinese market, since the introduction of the high quality and fashionable design, by the mainland Chinese people enthusiastic and loved.

Among them, woodpecker belt is the hottest product in the domestic market, using a bright fine grain design, the color is very low-key, whether it is casual dressing, or business people, it is particularly suitable.

5 Pierre-cardin (France)

Pierre Cardin is also a French clothing brand, his global status and crocodile can be compared, its main products and crocodile brand is similar, polo shirt is also a particularly outstanding clothing, the most classic is its cotton ammonia polo containing iron label and leather logo, such polo design methods are imitated by the major later clothing industries.

Mr. Pierre Cardin has a unique vision and excellent sense of leadership, after he created the brand Pierre Cardin, he quickly entered the brand market into China, in addition to having a good sense of marketing, but also rich design talent, most of the design concepts of the products are advocated by Mr. Pierre Cardin, so far his concept is still being followed by posterity, more admirably, Mr. Pierre Cardin is the first to make high-end clothing no longer just on the runway and serve the upper class , he applied more fashion concepts to ordinary people, and strived to be able to cultivate his feelings to each class. In addition, he was also a diplomat with a vast network of contacts, and in almost every large country there were high-class people who praised Pierre Cardin’s good qualities, and it was normal for Mr. Pierre Cardin to become a legend today.

The Q version of Pierre Cardin in English font looks stylish on the head of the belt, but it is cute.

6 Polo St. Paul (USA)


The essence of São Paulo is actually a polo club, so its logo and design to be a polo player swinging horse, which has been established in California, USA, has a history of almost 100 years, his name and label is now deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, has become a world-renowned brand.

7 Playboy Playboy

Playboy Playboy was founded in 1986, through 5 years into the Chinese market, currently in China’s major markets have Playboy agents, the brand is a clothing, footwear and leather goods as its main products of the company, clothing corresponding to the age group, is 20~50 years old class, its products are biased towards business fan.

The belt is made of birch leather, and the head is made of dark gray stainless steel, which echoes the black main belt.

8 Wanlima Lima Horse

The full name of Wanlima brand is called Guangdong Wanlima Industrial Co., Ltd., which is an emerging clothing brand, with its own R & D factory, production department, retail department and all kinds of management and integration, in our country has now become a well-known company, its series of products are more diverse, the style is generally business style, men’s and women’s leather shoes, straps, handbags, suitcases and shoes are re-business products, in order to further develop their own signature popularity, Lima with its own superiority, SUCCESSFULLY PARTNERED WITH SAINT JACK AND OILILY. The successful cooperation of Wanlima has once again raised its international popularity to a new level, of course, all thanks to the superior quality of Wanlima itself and the classic design.

Wanlima belt series is the latest belt category, using pure bright pleat design, full of texture, the belt head is also made of bright stainless steel, the overall shape is more pompous, but with the suit, you can make the dull suit no longer so dull, can be used as the finishing touch in the dress, it is worth noting that do not use this belt with a colorful suit, then it will look redundant and counterproductive.

9 Aokang

The full name of Aokang is called Zhejiang Aokang Shoes Co., Ltd., which is a company that takes the shoe industry as its own products, and the style of shoes is biased towards business types, and is known for leather shoes in China’s major markets, accumulating a certain public base, Aokang, began to work with other products, such as suitcases and belts.

At the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, AuCom made its mark as a supplier of leather goods.

10 Montagut (France)

Montague, founded in 1880 in the Sawor Mountains of France, in the early days of its establishment, the brand debuted as a ready-to-wear, the most classic of which is Montague’s bright silk knit series and the brand’s series of men’s clothing and accessories, dedicated to serving men’s fashion, today


It has already made some progress in the global menswear list.

Montague’s men’s belt is made of large-grained cowhide material, in order to be neat and beautiful on the outside, he set the belt to the way of joining the inner buckle, because of the heavy iron texture of its head, this belt is recommended for use with clothing during performances, wearing this belt in informal occasions, it is really a bit tiring.

Which brand makes good belts?

To make sure you’re getting a good belt, pay attention to the description of the product. The part of the cowhide used in the belt plays a huge role in the quality of the belt.

A good belt is made of full-grain leather. Cracked belts are not so good, while bonded belts are combined with other synthetic materials, and there may be very little leather inside.

If you want real full-grain leather, your best bet is to buy a handmade leather belt. Many Italian companies, such as Gucci, and French fashion houses, such as Hermes, sell handmade men’s belts. The same goes for U.S.-based companies specializing in leather goods, such as Shinola.

How to buy a men’s belt?

Buying a men’s belt is a unique experience. This is different from buying other garments because the belt is different from any other garment. Almost all men’s ties and men’s socks are suitable for any buyer, while men’s belts must fit.

Of course, you need to consider the size, but there are also issues of personal style and fashion. What is a stylish belt? A belt is one of the most low-key items in your wardrobe, but it can have the biggest impact. Please read the product description and online customer reviews for the belt.

The first is measurement

When ordering a men’s belt, the first thing to consider is the size of the belt itself. Like a pair of pants, the width of the belt is usually measured in cm. But unlike pants, you should not buy a width that corresponds to the size of the wearer’s waist. Be sure to buy a belt size that is at least two cm larger. For example, if you usually wear size 32 pants, you should buy a size 34 belt.

When the belt is buckled, there must be an overlapping residual length. This allows the tail of the belt to pass through the buckle and tuck in the belt loop when needed. Some people prefer longer belts, others prefer shorter ones. If you’re buying it for someone else, ask them before you pick a size. It is best to measure twice.

Belt + shoes

Proper sizing is not the only consideration. The color and width of the belt will play a big role in deciding what color and style of shoes to wear. In addition, the environment is also important. Is it going to a party or a speech? Different belts should be selected for different occasions.

It is customary to have a black belt with black shoes and a brown belt with brown shoes. It presents a matching look that is both elegant and stylish.

When the colors don’t match – whether it’s a black belt with brown shoes or a brown belt with black shoes – the items stand out from each other in stark contrast. This is especially true if it’s a suit. This contrast feels abrupt. Do you want to look organized and seamless from head to toe, or are they all incongruous? Suits make you feel confident, while coordinated belts and men’s dress shoes help you achieve your wishes.

Mature people generally like to wear black shoes and belts. But both black and brown shoes can go well with a suit. Just make sure the belt and shoes match.

Make the belt match the clothes properly

The width of the belt is not fixed, and the clothes and environment determine which belt is the best fit. If you’re planning to wear men’s jeans, a wider belt may be a good choice. A wider belt – we can define it as a belt of 4 to 7cm or wider. The effect is very good. This is a standard it look.

The same wide belt will look bulky with a suit and may interfere with the clean lines of the suit.

Most of the belts introduced in this article are acceptable prices for the middle and low classes, each belt has its own characteristics, according to the softness of the leather and make its texture different, consumers can make their own choices according to their own needs.

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