Most women prefer intellectual and gentle style matching, and a comfortable and warm combination such as “knitwear + skirt” can maximize the intellectual charm of the wearer, which is impossible to refuse.

If you also want to reveal a sense of tenderness in your bones, be sure to try the following recommended “knitwear + skirt” combination for everyone, and enjoy it together.

First, “knitwear + pleated skirt” matching

• Dark brown sweater + brown pleated skirt

Many older mature women prefer plain knitwear in a minimalist style, such as the dark brown sweater below, which has a retro charm and is very versatile. If you’re not very good at color matching, you can match your lower body with a pleated skirt of the same color for an elegant charm.

• Black turtleneck sweater + burgundy pleated skirt

Many people think burgundy is a bit outdated, and wearing burgundy pieces is a bit old-fashioned. Don’t be prejudiced against burgundy pieces, try the versatile and attractive burgundy pleated skirt, paired with a basic black turtleneck sweater to highlight the intellectual charm of mature women, which is very noble.

• Grey seahorse sweater + camel pleated skirt

Seahorse sweater furry talent, so that it looks particularly warm and skin-friendly, this loose short sweater is easy to show bloated after the upper body, the lower body with a high-waist A-line pleated skirt, in order to weaken the feeling of bloat.

• Red sweater + black pleated skirt

Red and black matching is the most classic and attractive color matching, especially elegant and high-end women, wearing it will look more gentle and generous, the lower body with a sense of regular pleated skirt, full of beauty and romance, wearing the body is very atmospheric.

• Orange knitted cardigan + pink pleated skirt

The fresh and girly light pink knitted skirt is used to match the same elaborate style of orange and red knitted cardigans, forming a gentle and attractive style, which sets off the whole person’s skin exceptionally fair.

Second, “knitwear + satin skirt” matching

• Brown sweater + gold satin skirt

The material of the gold satin skirt is smooth and flexible, and it is recommended for everyone to choose. The casual languid style of earth-tone sweater, paired with a gold satin skirt, is very elegant and sophisticated. Especially in cold and bleak weather, wearing such a retro outfit is particularly appropriate.

• Off-white sweater + white satin skirt

In winter, it is recommended that everyone wear simple and stylish items, such as a suit jacket is a good choice, in the elegant and aesthetic skirt and knitwear with the jacket to choose a three-dimensional suit, adding a sense of competence and neatness, will not make the shape look too dragging.

Third, “knitwear + straight skirt” matching

• Brown sweater + black straight skirt

If you feel that wearing a sweater alone, a little thin, at this time you can match a simple style white turtleneck sweater as a bottom, try to choose a light style undershirt, don’t wear it so that it will not look bloated, the lower body with a thin black high-waist straight skirt, easily show the superiority of body proportions.

• Black printed sweater + black straight skirt

In addition to solid color knitwear, knitwear with printed elements is also a good choice, using a complex and simple matching formula, the lower body combined with a pure black knitted straight skirt, looks gentle and generous.

Fourth, “knitwear + knitted skirt” matching

• Orange knitted cardigan + black knitted skirt

This orange-red knitted sweater cardigan, worn on petite girls, is very literary and attractive, and it also looks particularly fair-skin. The lower body is matched with a knitted skirt of the same fabric, forming a simple and high-class matching style, which is very classic and attractive.

• White turtleneck sweater + khaki knit skirt

Crisp white and light khaki are classic colours, and the two knitted pieces are paired with a gentle elegance and a knitted skirt with a high waist to show off the proportions of the body, and the legs are slender and slim.

The gentleness brought by the combination of knitwear and skirt is impossible to refuse, and each of the above sets has a sense of intellectual premium, and the little sisters who like it should quickly learn from it.

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