House decoration, my family did not choose a whole wall TV cabinet design, I personally do not want to be too fixed, so the TV background wall adopts a simple paint design, which can be transformed at will in the later stage, and the color and shape of the wall can be switched to create different decoration styles.

Suspended TV cabinet

The TV cabinet adopts a one-line design, which is beautiful and practical to install in the air, and it is convenient to do hygiene at ordinary times! The bottom is equipped with light strips, and when the lights are turned on, there is more atmosphere.

TV cabinet size:

Length: 4452mm

Width: 350mm

Height: 250mm

Ground clearance: 200mm

Cabinet color: countertop oak with white cabinet

The TV cabinet has 5 drawers and a compartment, which basically meets the current storage needs of my family.

Background wall

Light green latex paint was chosen, and the corner curved design and sofa background wall echoed.

TV socket

My house uses embedded threading pipes, and when decorating the water and electricity stage, I pre-embed 50mm pipes in advance, and the TV line can pass through 50 pipes, so that the wires will not be exposed.

My socket is installed 10cm above the TV cabinet, so that when the TV is placed, the socket will not be visible.


My living room space is not very large, 65-inch TV is just right, compared to multiple 65-inch TVs, at a glance like Skyworth A5 Pro, its screen is a little special, is a 2mm extremely narrow side of the panoramic screen, for people like me who pursue the ultimate visual effect, the large screen texture is full score, very desirable.

Can be placed on the TV cabinet, can also be installed by wall hanging, my family chose to place on it, and my TV background wall is still quite matched, almost boundless minimalist design with V-shaped bracket, even when not watching TV, I put a beautiful wallpaper, comparable to the effect of decorative painting, the texture is full of points.

Choose a TV, in addition to appearance, we also pay attention to the speed of the TV, in the past, when the TV at home played movies, the loading was relatively slow, and when watching the live broadcast, it would also freeze, which was really crazy!

This new home decoration, the goals of the two are very consistent, that is, to have a screen large enough, fast enough, good compatibility of TV, Wi-Fi 6 Pro technology is also a reason why we insist on choosing this TV, the playback loading speed is very fast, and the signal is also very stable, like I usually watch movies, choose 4K HD mode, can be loaded in seconds, when my husband watches the game live video, there is no stuttering, smooth picture, look at the mood is happy!

There is also an unexpected surprise, my TV also supports far-field voice control, usually sitting on the sofa, shouting “Xiaowei Xiaowei”, you can send instructions to make it turn on, off or play music, no need to look for remote control everywhere, lazy people must ~

Sofa background wall

The sofa background wall is also painted with white paint and green paint, the arc echoes the TV background wall, with a 123cm * 123cm decoration, and a corner lamp is installed on the other side, which is quite designed.

List of good things in the living room:

✔️ TV: Skyworth

✔️ TV cabinet: Sofia customized

✔️ Sofa: Polehome

✔️ Carpet: Aoyama Mijuku

✔️ Curtains: uhome home

✔️ Coffee table: New Shangren

✔️ Single sofa: Roodior

✔️ Sofa side: Hancock Home

✔️ Pleated floor lamp: Asahi Cheng

✔️ Corner wall light: customized

✔️ Hanging painting: Umbluela Lazy Umbrella Gallery

✔️ Flower Pillow: Forest of Mist

✔️ Coffee table ornaments: bestwest

Do you like such a living room? The home is being renovated or preparing to be renovated, feel practical, save it.

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