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The construction of the gate of an ancient building

, the elaboration of the door and the height of the threshold are silently stating that this nation once attached so much importance to family relations.

Due to the large number of words, it is divided into two articles, and this issue is mainly for you

The style, shape, style of the door.

This represents the characteristics of different regions, and its decoration and form also indicate the symbol of status and status.

Official building gate

The doors of official-style buildings are the most emblematic of the atmosphere, and their types mainly include official gates, city gates and yamen.

Official gate

The official gate is the highest rank gate among the official building gates, indicating the gate of imperial architecture.

Its architecture is necessarily embodied

“Imperial power supremacy” “self-respect”

, so the architectural design must be grand and spectacular, and must be arranged along the central axis.


▲Noon gate

Shing mun

A kind of defensive structure of the ancient cities of our country,

The city gates and towers are connected by the city wall

, not only has the role of military defense, but also has the function of urban flood control, forming a solid barrier of the ancient city.

Depending on the size, the city gate is usually divided into single, double, three, and five doorways.

▲Anyuan Gate


Yamen, also known as Yamen, in ancient times, there was a saying that the Son of Heaven went out to build a big tooth, that is, the tooth flag was erected as a door, and it later evolved into a place where officials worked.

There is a saying that “

The gate is open to the south, and there is no money to come in.”

, it shows that the ancient Yamen sat north facing south and opened the door to the sun, with a strict demonstration, which has obvious political meaning.

The architectural pattern of the Yamen can be seen as the epitome of the arch, with obvious ancient hierarchical symbolism.

▲Pingyao County Yamen

House gates

The house gate is the house door of the folk building, mainly including the house gate, the indoor partition door and the bedroom door.

Due to the strict hierarchical system in ancient times, coupled with geographical differences,

Residential buildings are very different from place to place

, which has formed a rich and colorful door culture.

The gate of the palace

As the name suggests, the gate of the royal palace is used for the royal palace and is the highest in scale.

In ancient China, the system of division of clans was very strict

, There are generally stone lions in front of the gate of the royal palace, one male and one female, which are lined up on both sides of the gate to be powerful. Directly in front of the gate, there is also a shadow wall across the street as the correspondence of the gate.

▲The gate of Prince Gong’s Mansion in Beijing

Bright gates

The Guangliang gate was of a high level, and this kind of gate had to be at that time

People with certain official goods

In order to use, the wide bright door is usually a bay wide, and the door is located in the position of the central column, with a more ornate decoration.

In order to be conspicuous, this one of the gate is larger than the houses on both sides, has its own gable, the roof is raised, the pier wall is prominent, the doorway is wider and brighter, there is a higher base, and the ground of the gate is three or five inches higher than the street.

Coming out of the courtyard, there is a condescending trend, and entering the courtyard, there is a sense of climbing step by step.

Golden pillar gate

The golden pillar gate is the gate that places the door frame on the golden pillar.

The Golden Pillar Gate is also used by people with officials


The Golden Pillar Gate is one level lower than the Guangliang Gate

。 The golden pillar gate is slightly smaller in size, and the door is located in the position of the gold pillar (the door is further forward). Although it is not as deep and solemn as the Guangliang Gate, it still loses the grandeur of the official eunuch gate, which is an evolved form of the Guangliang Gate.

Barbarian Gate

The Barbarian Gate and the Ruyi Gate are used by ordinary people, and they are relatively small in scale.

The gate of the Barbarian Gate is further forward and is located at the position of the cornice, which is said to be named because most merchants from the south lived here at that time.

The biggest feature of the brute door is that the door gate is pushed out a little further than the gold pillar gate, and its door frame and door leaf are installed in the position of the eaves pillar.

Ruyi Gate

One level lower than the Barbarian Gate is the Ruyi Gate

, Ruyi door usually in the position of the eaves pillar to build a wall, the door is very small, the door finger and the brick wall on both sides at the corner, often made of Ruyi shape flower ornaments, to symbolize auspicious Ruyi, so named “Ruyi Gate”.

Ruyi Gate has the largest number because it is used for general residential use. Due to the large number, there are many forms of Ruyi doors, which can be complicated or simplified.

With wall doors

The wall door, also known as the wall-style door, is opened on the wall of the residential courtyard and slightly decorated on the wall above or to the left and right of the door.

The wall door was in ancient times

Unofficial rich people use it, pay attention to low-key and do not leak money.

But there are also more luxurious small gatehouses.

Weeping flower door

In courtyards with more than two entrances, the “weeping flower gate” will appear, which is usually the second entrance door of the house, named after the weeping lotus pillar on the door. As the saying goes

“If the gate does not go out, the second door does not step”, the second gate refers to the weeping flower gate.

Because its eaves pillar does not fall to the ground, hanging under the eaves, it is called a hanging column, and there is a hanging bead under it, usually painted in the form of petals, so it is called a weeping flower door.

The whole building of the weeping flower gate occupies no land, which is one of the characteristics of the weeping flower gate, so there is a large space inside the weeping flower gate.

Next, let’s see which doors are the most representative among the doors of southern architecture.

Full Moon Gate

The Full Moon Gate is the most common round door in gardens.

The Full Moon Gate, also known as the Moon Gate and the Moon Cave Gate, is designed to imitate the full moon

, is the most common round door in the garden, expressing people’s worship of the moon, symbolizing the fullness, reunion, integrity and perfection, beauty and serenity, giving people a sense of fullness, liveliness and balance. The moon is like water, and it is also more in line with the poetic complex of Chinese.

Octagonal door

The octagonal door in the Chinese design garden is a combination of circle and square.

Because Chinese culture advocates “eight”, four elephants give birth to gossip.

Buddhism has nine mountains and eight seas, eight gods, eight formations, eight winds, etc.; Taoism has eight immortals crossing the sea, etc.; “Eight” and “fa” are homophonic, which means to make a fortune. The digital pattern of “eight” implies great and infinite meaning.

Plant symbol phylum

There are quite a few doors in the garden

The door was built using plant symbols as inspiration for the design

The plant-shaped cave door, inlaid with gray-cyan square bricks, forms a plain and soft, quiet and elegant Suzhou garden tone style with white walls, gray tile roofs, and chestnut-brown doors and windows on buildings.

▲Bayeux door

▲Plum blossom-shaped door

▲Gourd-shaped door

The door is a witness of history, carrying the light and shadow of the years. Standing outside the door, you can feel that it is guarding this house, guarding a home. Outside the door, we knocked lightly on the knocker, pushed open the heavy door, and experienced the traces of the passage of time.

That’s what we’re going to do

The reason for preserving ancient buildings, for the present and for the future.

Ruyi Gate

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