The most important thing for women is definitely not “the more expensive the better”, but to achieve a cultivated interior, as well as a tasteful exterior, especially the first impression and its important exterior, but also need to be able to find the most suitable style as soon as possible, this point of presentation focus is on the matching of the major items they choose.

The smallest shoe items should not be ignored, after all, the words that have been circulating in daily life are “look at the shoes first”, the taste of shoes can actually more intuitively reflect their sense of fashion and self-awareness, do not follow the trend of “popular” to buy some shoes that are not suitable for themselves.

In this year’s matching, there are 3 shoes with a very high rate of return, not only look good, Du Yu has a high effect in terms of figure, and these three shoes are definitely not a fad, but belong to the fashion high-end model worth wearing all the time, according to the wear is not wrong, come and see!

The first pair: boots→ perfect femininity

The most indispensable pair of shoes in autumn and winter is definitely boots, the design of boots has its own control over the line and thickness of the legs, it can be regarded as all shoes, the most feminine shoe shape, the shape of the boots is now dazzling on the market, but boots have always been standing in the fashion front of autumn and winter, more versatile and more personal temperament.

Point 1: Boot length affects figure

Knee length is not optional:

Although boots belong to the combination of versatility and fashion, there are some small details of the style that need to be paid attention to, such as the length of the boots, which can be very intuitively highlighted.

In particular, it is important to pay attention to

For women who are not tall, it is recommended that you do not choose a design that is just right on the knee in the length of the boots

, the knee is equivalent to yes

The five-to-five proportion of the legs, choosing the length of this model, will visually appear short legs,

The overall five-and-five ratio is not good.

Over-the-knee boots are worth entering: Over-the-knee boots are actually designed to be more suitable for women of normal height and short legs

, the design of the knee is already visually preconceived

The proportions of the legs are divided by two, one short and one long

Matching, whether it’s knees

Above or below

The length, both

Great for small figures

Choose, to present

More slender and better proportioned

of leg lines.

Point 2: The material of the boots affects the style

◎Knee skin simple atmosphere:

In addition to the shape of the boots, the more important point is the presentation of the material, which will have a greater impact on the overall wearing style, and the most classic one is

The material of the knee skin, this material is actually suitable for various styles

All are particularly extensive, with a slight carry

The reflection phenomenon will also weaken the dullness of dark boots to a certain extent.

The overall presentation style is more simple and atmospheric.

◎Velvet gentle intellectual:

The second common material is velvet, the limitation of this type of material lies in the style and difficulty of cleaning, the material of velvet in the autumn and winter cleaning work does not have the benefits of knee skin, but

Its style presentation can achieve a gentle feeling that is not easy to achieve on the knee skin, and it can better set off the intellectual femininity of the wearer

The second pair: loafers→ combines simplicity and premium

The shape of loafers belongs to the appearance is very simple but gives people a feeling of very advanced texture, loafers for working women matching rate will be more, loafers lightness and temperament is its key features, it looks very similar to the usual leather shoes, but in the position of the heel and back, loafers design has a lot more advanced and convenient.

▶ The key point of loafers is the toe design

→ Tip:

The toe design of loafers is the key, and the pointed toe design is recommended for thicker calves and ankle curves, or

The proportion of legs is five and a half points for women to choose


The head element can visually achieve a certain stretching effect, lengthening the line of the ankle and calf, making it more slender and slender.

→ round head:

The round toe design of the loafers actually does

It is more comfortable and convenient to wear than a pointed toe

Some, although the stretching force is not as obvious as the pointed tip, but in terms of temperament,

The round toe is more advanced and gentle, and there will be no sense of rejection for all kinds of items,

But it is still recommended that small people do not try it easily.

Third pair: Chelsea boots → stylish and polished

The source of Chelsea boots is actually “equestrian boots”, the length of the boot barrel is mostly in the middle of the knee and the ankle, or up and down a little distance position, the origin of the equestrian boot shape belongs to a simple and convenient type, the overall light and easy to match, in the position of the boot toe there is an elastic band to shrink the boot, simple shape is not simple temperament, is synonymous with this boot.

▶ Wear a variety of styles

(1) Dark color wear shows high and calm

The choice of color for Chelsea boots is the focus of the style,

When the dark tone boots are paired with the same color items, it is very obvious to present a simple sense of premium, and the dark color is much calmer.

The choice of tops and skirts are all black undertones, showing thin and very modifying the temperament of the figure, and the white flowers of the broken flower skirt have become the “highlights” of the overall matching, which weakens the sense of monotony a lot.

(2) Earthy colors are worn with great and soft temperatures

Earth-colored Chelsea boots themselves will have a certain retro feeling, and the most suitable thing to wear with them is the choice of the same color.

The brown Chelsea boots are matched with the khaki suit, highlighting the sense of difference and layering, and the overall earth tone tone is very unified, which is very in line with the atmosphere of autumn and winter


Gentle and atmospheric style

If you wear it, this color system must have it!

(3) Color blocking, echoing the outfit, showing personality

Color-block Chelsea boots will actually have more design and characteristics, but it is also recommended to try to start with daily wear

More basic color matching, such as black and white, and the color block between earth tones is stable and stylish

Then the rules of wearing color-block boots will teach everyone one

“Echoing up and down”

The color-block design of the Chelsea boots can echo and match the top, which is visually as a whole

It will be more personalized and fashionable, if you like to reduce age and match, don’t miss it!

The introduction of the above 3 shoe models I believe that everyone has a very good understanding, if you like it, go to your shoe cabinet to buy a few more, in this autumn and winter according to this wear absolutely fashionable and advanced, of course, the trend of style or according to their own situation, suitable for their own is the best. If you have any questions or ideas, please leave a comment, we will see you in the next issue!

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