Huimen is also known as Guining. According to China’s marriage customs, three days after marriage, the bride should take the groom back to her mother’s house to pay homage to her relatives. So who should pick up the bride’s return to the door, and what is the special dress when returning to the door?

Time to return to the door

The time for the bride to return to the door is generally on the third day after marriage, but in some areas there will also be local unique wedding culture, we try to know as much as possible about the local customs, according to the local customs to determine the time of return.

The bride returns to the door who will pick up

1. The bride’s siblings are picked up

Generally, on the day the bride returns to the door, her own brothers and sisters will come to the in-laws’ house to pick up the bride and return to the door. The first is to let the bride feel the care of her mother’s family, and the second is that the mother’s family can also go to the mother-in-law’s house to see what the bride’s post-marriage environment is, and then go home to report to her parents.

2. Cousins or cousins of the bride

If the bride is an only child and has no siblings of the same parents, a cousin or cousin who usually has a good relationship can pick up the bride back to the mother-in-law’s house. This way the bride will have a sense of belonging and will not feel lonely.

The bride is dressed well

1. The bride’s return dress is generally made of


Home ready. Remember not to wear the wedding dress you wore when you got married to your mother’s house! (Dressed in this way, the ancient method means that the bride is not accepted by the man’s family); Wedding dresses, show clothes, dragon and phoenix gowns, etc. can be worn once.

2. You must wear new clothes! After all, it means that everything starts anew. In terms of color, it doesn’t have to be tangled with red. The colors are mainly festive, pink, orange, broken flowers, taupe, etc., as long as it looks festive.

3. The style of clothes can be cheongsam, small skirt, dress. As long as it looks steady and dignified, it’s fine. When you choose, you can add it according to the temperature of the four seasons.

Returning to the door is the closing ceremony of the wedding, so it also needs to be paid great attention to.

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