Winter to spring, on a sunny day, let’s go to the green together. So what shoes should we wear? First exclude high heels, too tired. Sneakers are not moody, the best choice is undoubtedly retro small leather shoes, in line with the pleasant atmosphere of stepping blue, and it is also very comfortable to walk.

Diamond-encrusted British-inspired leather shoes

Classic British-style small round scalp shoes, microfiber leather with open beads, the texture is very good. Vintage metallic gold set with diamonds with a touch of playfulness in the sexy. The interior made of scientific technology should cope with the principle of air convection and accelerate the breathability effect.

Horseshoe buckle loafers

The hot horseshoe buckle leather shoes, the leather surface has a matte feel without any effect, for a pair of overly popular styles, it is necessary to maintain a low-key and exemplary attitude. Open mold integrated molding, no bubbles and burrs, gloss is very good.

Flat-soled shallow leather shoes

The first layer of pigskin dyed silk is relatively breathable and quite soft, with a retro nostalgic feeling of the 80s. The uniqueness of the striped mocasin is the fine workmanship. The grain of the big bottom is like wavy lines, and the wear resistance is also very good.

Lace-up leather shoes on a mid-heel

Temperament leather shoes suitable all year round, microfiber upper, wear-resistant, breathable performance. Customized upgraded rubber bottom for more non-slip gear. The length of the mid-heel is just right, and it is tall and not exaggerated.

Thong Mary Jane leather shoes

Made of high-quality sheepskin, shiny and restrained, the same is the first layer of sheepskin inside, can dry all day. The characteristic leather lock and shoe body cleverly reveal a little gap, which has a forest feel.

Pearl glossy square scalp shoes

A pair of leather shoes that coexist both handsome and sweet, with a row of pearls on the collar and heel, the overall sense of luxury goes up at once, and there is also some sweetness of the Korean version.

Preppy mid-heeled shoes

Authentic British-style leather shoes, soft open-edged beaded leather, perfect match. The color of the toe cap is full of retro feeling, and the brush is relatively light, in order to highlight the shape of the shoe. The material used for the bottom is the first layer of pigskin, and there is no problem with comfort.

Square toe block heeled leather shoes

The fabric is the first calf leather, and the beige apricot color is very fresh and suitable for spring, and it is also a good match. The design with a square toe and block heel is full of retro and has a strong girly atmosphere. The midsole is made of high-density latex and is comfortable on the foot.

Small leather shoes with metal square buttons

The two metal square button small leather shoes, foreign style, I believe that the girls have seen it in magazines, is the latest favorite of fashion bloggers and Internet celebrities. A shoe shape with one pedal, you can go out this season when you step on it.

Small leather shoes with fringed flats

The cowhide of the open-edged beads looks like patent leather, but the upper foot is much more high-grade than patent leather, and this glossy surface is the best to take care of, and it is good to wipe it clean with wet wipes if it is dirty. Very classic tassel decoration, the contrast design is even more chic.

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