The cropped tweed jacket in the style of Xiaoxiang shows the elegance of women. The design of the cropped sleeves gives people a gentle and virtuous feeling, and the sleeves and corners are decorated with tassels and white pearls, so that the small fragrance coat also brings some ethnic atmosphere, and the pearls look much more upscale.

This Korean version of the tweed short coat is also as elegant and high-end as the small fragrance coat, and the coarse flower and wool are the most compatible, and the combination of the two makes the ordinary tweed jacket more textured. Plus wash jeans, you wear a different style and fashion trend.

Pink represents sweetness and cuteness, and the pink color makes the skin fairer and brighter. The Korean version of the tweed cropped coat with fluffy fur is more expensive, and the coat is also rich in volume, similar to the design of the doll coat, which can create a sweet girl’s style.

The short rose-red coat has bright colors that accentuate the fairness of the skin against the background of the color. Although the color of rose red has a sense of charm, the loose doll design makes it show its cute side, and with tweed shorts, the upper body and lower body can be consistent in thickness.

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