Solid wood slab, is a kind of commercial and office furniture that has become more popular in recent years, it is mainly made of foreign imported more precious century-old wood. These woods have a large caliber, generally at least 2000px or more, from which a large board 10-375px thick is cut, which is a solid wood slab. It can be used as desk, large desk, supervisor’s table, conference table, office computer desk, dining table, tea table, etc. The main materials are Brazilian pear, nanmu, wenge, golden teak, red tan, yellow pear, okan pear, etc

Each large plate, before processing, must go through strict material selection. It is necessary to consider the caliber, wetness and dryness, origin, density and stability of the large plate. Material selection is the key to the excellent quality of large plates.

The big board, what style, size, appearance characteristics, etc., need the conception, carving and design of the big board masters. The characteristics of the big plate are that its atmosphere is thick and primitive nature.

Revealing the beauty of nature and pristine, giving people the feeling of returning to nature. The reason why the solid wood board has been prosperous for a long time, in essence, lies in its natural environmental protection. Many panel furniture in the manufacturing process, will add chemicals, such as wood-based panel furniture usually use formaldehyde as a binder, with a strong odor, serious pollution. The selection of solid wood slabs is from natural logs, natural, original, no splicing, no need to add any chemicals, and will not volatilize any harmful gases. It is both natural and beautiful, but also free of chemical pollution, and is a healthy and environmentally friendly fashion choice.

Long life: The life of panel furniture is generally 3-5 years. The solid wood furniture, its wood raw materials are taken from Africa, South America and other imported wood for more than a hundred years, wood is extremely stable, long life, generally used for three or five generations, no problem at all.

High collection value: the materials selected for solid wood home are imported precious woods, such as Brazilian pear, African nanmu, African wenge and Myanmar teak king. These woods, stable wood, super caliber, unique grain, bright color, very rare in the wood market, strong value preservation and value-added function, high collection value, has always been favored and sought after by dignitaries and artists.

The raw materials of solid wood furniture come from nature, integrating the essence of nature, and truly show the unique taste of real wood furniture: atmospheric, high-grade, heavy. It combines the long-standing traditional Chinese culture with modern fashion factors, integrates it into the design of furniture, makes the furniture rich in natural texture and affinity appearance, gives new connotation to furniture, makes furniture design more humane, practical and modern, creates a new fashion of solid wood furniture, and leads the new trend of furniture.

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