“Do you have any hobbies?”

When you were younger, when you were asked this question, there were probably many answers popping up.

So what now?

We need more hobbies.

Frankly, everyone is so addicted to their phone screen that we need to get distracted. A hobby will blow your mind, is a way to unblock, relax, meet people (in physical, realistic form), and provide an antidote to burnout that can arise at any time in modern life.

Below, we’ve found no less than 30 of the best hobbies for men that we hope you enjoy.

1: Urban orienteering

Staring at the GPS on your phone will not only make you feel screen-related fatigue, but it will also make your brain stop its ability to calculate directions on its own. Urban orienteering is a half-competitive, half-brain challenge:

Use paper maps and compasses to reach designated places on the map,

It is the perfect hobby and treatment for cell phone dependence.

2: Play adult board games

Studies have shown that board games can improve cognitive performance and good mental health. There are also many games for adults: Werewolf Kill, Script Kill or UNO, where you can experience the realism of interacting with people.

3: Go out and watch the game

You can watch sports endlessly on the 24-hour channel, slowly soak your brain and gain weight. Or go out to the game. Visit your favourite sports stadiums and club grounds – one of men’s ultimate passions.

4: Engrave with a chainsaw

Turn off the computer, walk out of the house, and start carving things out of a large piece of wood with a chainsaw. It’s a hard workout and a rewarding hobby. If you make something really artistic, you may be able to add extra income.

5: Photography (don’t use your phone)

Vintage cameras still outperform traditional cameras and mobile phones for taking photorealistic photos in natural light. Plus, it saves you a lot of time working on post-production on your phone, and you have to shoot it right now.

6: Play some jigsaw puzzles

Many studies have found that intelligence tests help delay memory decline in older adults and prevent degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s by staying mentally active. Puzzles also require visuospatial skills, which involve different parts of the brain and improve problem-solving skills.

7: Fishing

If the only thing you do with your hands is swipe the screen up and down, it’s time to go hunter-gatherer. Fishing is most popular among men, so start by borrowing advanced equipment or bare hands.

8: Build cities with LEGO

With a growing community of adult LEGO fans, design and construction is a perfect combination, and the biggest attraction of LEGO is that it is one of the best hobbies men have to enjoy returning to childhood.

9: Start knitting

Yes, weaving. Over the past few years, more and more young people have started knitting as a pastime – not just to get creative with coloured wool, but because it’s an effective stress-relieving relaxation exercise.

10: Try anti-gravity

It sounds like a mania, but it’s one of the most creative hobbies to learn Zen. In fact, it’s a relaxing yoga-style workout, like lying in a hammock and taking a nap, designed to energize the body and mind.

11: Collect hobbies

In addition to souvenirs or stamps, a stylish alternative is to collect the best and rarest sneakers from around the world – look for shops everywhere, not just rely on the web.

12: Fish farming

Aquariums have long been associated with health and relaxation, presumably because we found ornamental fish to relax. But researchers found in 2015 that tanks with more biodiversity—that is, more species—made people happier, lowering heart rate and blood pressure.

13: Baking

Take the stress out of your life by kneading some dough and making some fancy pastry, things that are not good for the waistline, but good for the soul. Real men bake bread, and it’s not just a hobby, it’s also a life skill.

14: Practice yoga

Developed by former wrestling champion Diamond Dallas Page, DDP Yoga is a combination of traditional yoga and bodyweight practice. Low impact and excellent weight loss training.

15: Sign up for military-style fitness

Camp-style fitness gets you outdoors and focuses on functionality — real-world physical strength and skills that aren’t just done with sports equipment, they can easily get bored.

16: Run a marathon

Want to work towards your ultimate fitness goal? Training for a marathon requires tremendous dedication, and it’s arguably the most worthwhile achievement for your training. Structured training can help you clear your mind and also help your leg muscles.

17: Climb the stairs upstairs

One of the emerging trends in running – replacing old-fashioned parks with a huge flight of stairs. Guaranteed to increase your leg strength and muscular endurance.

18: Delve into virtual reality training

Another digital fitness trend, which is the combination of exercise and geek culture. Close the loop with several fitness programs that support virtual reality, such as headset-sport-bike combinations.

19: Learn Muay Thai

Anyone who has done boxing training will tell you that it’s the hardest core cardio, strength, endurance, coordination, and learning self-defense.

20: Boost your appetite by taking cooking classes

A survey conducted last year found that couples who cook together can strengthen their relationship, while 88 percent of romantic partners say cooking helps with communication, and there are even online courses to teach you how to cook if you want to make a romantic evening.

21: Take ballroom dance lessons

Let’s face it, impress your partner, and perform some just the right ballroom dance moves at the party. It will be a very fun learning to keep you together at a more intimate pace.

22: Artistic sketching

Take drawing classes together and get some creative inspiration. It’s also good for your sex life. After staring at luo body models all night, who doesn’t feel happy?

23: Immerse yourself in an alternative cinematic experience

Friday and Saturday movie theaters are basically a nightmare: a place where chat, cell phones and popcorn converge. Try taking your partner to an outdoor cinema, where you can find great rooftop or beach cinemas in good weather, or join a dedicated cinema club.

24: Visit the museum

Silk, dolls, and all kinds of art – in addition to museums dedicated to bizarre inventions. Maybe there’s a mini-museum, look for more and have a truly memorable day.

25: Run away at any time

How many times have you said you wanted to go for a weekend and you vaguely agreed but did nothing? Studies have shown that holidays, in addition to having a lot of fun, are good for your health and heart. Find a few days with your partner.

26: Take part in wild camping

Camping and the pursuit of nature are becoming more and more popular, especially when there is no way to go far away, it is also very happy to bring a tent, cooking utensils and sleeping bags, and find a wild crane in the mountains, by the water, and can do a moment of leisure.

27: Join a survival school

The most basic self-improvement: making fires, sheltering outdoors, foraging, and tracking animals. A skill that all men want to have, group survival classes will teach you valuable team and communication skills.

28: Learn car maintenance

The next time your tire blows or something pops out under the hood, you can fix it yourself. This is not only convenient and cheap, it is absolutely necessary to repair your own car than going to a repair shop, and transforming your own car is a hobby for many men.

29: Taste rum

Tasting whiskey is a cliché. Rum is coming back, so it’s time to start cultivating one of men’s best hobbies.

30: Learn a new language

We all want to read more books and learn a new language. Learning a second language facilitates multitasking, problem solving, decision-making, and language mastery.

31: Retro game

A famous study in the 90s of the last century found that people who played Tetris for the first time had a thickened cerebral cortex, and learning Tetris stimulated the brain and activated neural circuits. It’s not just Tetris, it’s the same when learning any game, and it’s a great excuse to relearn Mario, King of Fighters and Pac-Man. Who says men’s hobbies have to be serious?

32: Learn to play an instrument

For men, this is one of the most common hobbies to help improve IQ. There is evidence that playing an instrument changes the structure and function of the brain, with the gray matter part that controls memory, hearing, and motor skills becoming more active.

I hope you can stay excited about everything and everything with some creative and inspiring real people and connections in this highly connected world.

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