The colder temperatures make you want to be a hibernating animal? When you stay at home, how can you do without the care of carpet~

Many friends have carpeted at home, because in addition to looking good, carpets have a certain value

Noise reduction, sound insulation and warmth functions.

But there are also many netizens facing the problem of carpet selection and matching, let’s take a look at what kind of carpet matching embarrassment this owner encountered.

The owners encountered

Mr. Song, the owner of Chaozhou, has been living in his new home for less than 1 month, and with the arrival of winter, the tiled floor of the living room has become particularly cold. Mr. Song thought about buying a carpet to spread in the living room,

I heard that wool carpets not only feel good feet, but also not easy to age,

The couple decided to buy it and spread it on the inside of the sofa.

Friends who have never wanted to come to their new home as guests say that this carpet

Not only does it not match the style of the new home, it is particularly abrupt,

I also feel that the carpet is too shabby, and it looks like a footcloth… What’s worse, the humid indoor environment makes this piece expensive

The carpet began to mold, and the back of the carpet also appeared moths and yellow spots.

In desperation, the couple can only send the carpet to a professional cleaning shop for maintenance, and as for where the cleaned carpet should go, neither of them has yet to think about it.

I believe that many owners have similar experiences to Mr. Song’s home, a carpet makes your home warm up in seconds, and can also make you worry.

Today, Xiao Qi will talk to you about carpets~

Applicable area for carpet function


Without perseverance, waking up early in winter is very difficult. But if you can step on the soft carpet when you get up together, do you feel a little more courageous to get up instantly?

We can

On both sides of the bed, spread a small area of carpet,

When you get into bed, you can feel the warmth of the carpet, and the day will begin.

Children’s room

The children’s room is indispensable for the care of carpets, so that children who can just crawl and walk can play on the soft carpet.

When the child is older, there is no need to worry about bouncing on the floor and causing trouble to the neighbors,

The performance of carpet sound insulation and noise reduction makes all parents more assured~

Living room

The living room is the most common laying area for carpets~ With large furniture such as coffee tables and sofas, it not only divides a clear hospitality space, but also softens the entire indoor atmosphere.

The carpet has good adsorption and can also reduce dust to a certain extent.

Placing it in the high-use living room area is a smart choice!


Spread a small carpet in the shoe changing corridor area,

It can not only ensure the cleanliness of the indoor floor, but also decorate the narrow space very brightly.

Even if there is no decoration, it can immediately make the entrance area come alive~

Moreover, the carpet at the door does not need to be taken care of often, and if it is dirty for a long time, you can directly change a piece.


Carpets with better water absorption can be laid at the bathroom doorway. After taking a bath, wet feet on the carpet,

It can also be absorbed with some moisture.

It should be noted that the carpet in this area needs to be replaced frequently or cleaned regularly to avoid the growth of bacteria!

Take this carpet buyer’s guide

◆ 4 kinds of material options

Some people think that the carpet has been used for a long time,

The surface will lose its softness, in fact, this is closely related to its material.

If you want a comfortable and durable carpet, choose the material well! According to the material, carpets can be divided into wool carpets, cotton and linen carpets, blended carpets and chemical fiber carpets.

(1) Wool carpet:

Woven from sheep wool, it has a soft feel, bright color and thick texture, and antistatic properties that are not easy to age and fade. And it has good sound absorption ability, which can effectively reduce various noise~

But wool carpets

Not suitable for use in humid areas, its insect resistance and bacterial resistance are relatively poor,

It is easy to mold when exposed to humid environments for a long time, and the price is the highest of all carpet materials.

(2) Cotton and linen carpet:

Refers to carpets woven from cotton and linen raw materials. Cotton and linen carpets come in a variety of colors,

Breathable and comfortable, resistant to insects and mildew, suitable for humid areas, and affordable,

Not as expensive as wool carpets.

Correspondingly, the foot feel of this material carpet will also be rougher, not so soft, and the elasticity is worse than that of wool carpet.

(3) Chemical fiber carpet:

Also called synthetic fiber carpet. Its abrasion resistance is five times higher than that of wool carpets,

It has the advantages of heat preservation, wear resistance, moth resistance and high strength.

And the color pattern is rich, easy to clean (direct washing) and care, cost-effective! However, man-made fibers are flammable, will generate static electricity, and it is easier to hide ash.

(4) Blended carpet:

Using nylon (nylon), polypropylene (polypropylene), etc., chemical fibers as raw materials, processed into a fiber surface layer and then seamed with linen bottom seam to synthesize carpets. Its wear resistance is good, not easy to absorb dust, the price is moderate,

However, the foot feel is not so good compared to wool carpets.

All things considered, we can prefer chemical fiber carpets, followed by wool carpets and blended carpets.

◆ Size laying method selection

The carpet material is determined, but to lay it well, it is also necessary to consider that the size of the carpet is in harmony with the living room area. If the carpet is too large or too small, it will appear obtrusive, so the size of the carpet and the choice of laying method are also very important!

(1) The width of the carpet should exceed the maximum sofa length.

The width of the carpet should exceed the length of the main sofa, and the main sofa should be included in the carpet to appear generous and decent.

If the width of the carpet is smaller than the main sofa, the entire proportions will appear incongruous.

Because the sofa is the main furniture in the living room, the length occupies about one-third of the width of the living room, and the carpet should be matched with it.

(2) The size of the carpet can encompass the entire furniture.

This is our most common carpet size, that is, all the support points of the sofa, coffee table, living room, and main furniture are inside the carpet.

This carpet size can include the main range of activities in the living room, meeting the needs of everyone walking barefoot. And it can play

Protect the floor from being pressed out of a fixed pit by the furniture.

Most importantly, this carpet size is more atmospheric and allows the eye to be focused within a fixed range.

(3) Three-quarters surround the shop.

This carpet size that surrounds the sofa and coffee table with the main living room furniture is also recommended for everyone to adopt~

This carpet size laying method is suitable for the living room of the regular house, and there is no completely wrapped laying method.

Not only can it reserve enough space for activities, but it can also facilitate the daily cleaning of the bottom of the furniture~

◆ Match color selection

The color and style of the carpet should echo the overall decoration style.

The color of the carpet should be determined according to the color of large furniture such as walls and sofas in the home.

The carpet selected in this way is most suitable for the interior style~


The matching of carpets can also choose how to stack.

Stacks often have a 1+1>2 effect, such as a rustic plain carpet with bohemian rugs.

Soft knitted and fur rugs create an impressive mix-and-match effect.

If you have difficulty choosing,

Take out a few rugs you like and try a more personalized stacking method,

There may be unexpected gains!

Carpet cleaning tips

Whether it’s water or oil, dripping on the carpet

The first step is to use paper towels to absorb water in time,

Stop them from soaking the carpet. If it is a water stain such as juice, we can gently wipe it with a dry cloth dipped in white wine or vinegar; If it is an oil stain, wipe it with a cotton swab dipped in a small amount of gasoline or volatile solvent, and then wash it with alcohol.

It should be noted that whether it is brushing or vacuuming,

It is recommended that everyone clean up back and forth (cis/reverse hair) in the same direction!

After cleaning, the carpet should be dried and air-dried as soon as possible to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.

Well, that’s it for today! I believe that many exquisite friends are willing to spend a certain amount of time and energy to take care of the carpet in order to make the home more warm and comfortable~

Leave a message in the comment area: Do you have carpets in your home? How is it all laid out?

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