Weaving feels lukewarm, after weaving for a while, when I went to shoot a reality show on National Day, the heat was dead and bright, when I posted today, wearing this “Autumn Wave” sooner or later there was a little cold, this sweater, through three seasons, summer, autumn and winter

Don’t be idle, run to the topic to pull the yarn


The solution comes from


Treasure shop


Autumn Dew

『 Akibo 』

Wire rod:

Zhenzhen family’s foreign trade line, soft and glutinous, light luxury, use inside

323 g

With needles:

3.5 with 3.75 needles




Weaving instructions:

Ten yards in total, with the fourth yard woven by Ryo weaving

First, 3.75 long tail needle up to 108 needles,

Change 3.5 weave double ribbed 8 turns

Second, change 3.5 knitting two circles of the lower needle (flat needle)

3. Repeat one circle (108/2=54)

54 stitches were added, and now 162 stitches

Four: Ready to return, the coffee-colored mark buckle is the original starting buckle, knit 15 stitches to the left, and hang the purple buckle

Five: Lead-back after starting: knit 36 stitches forward from the marking buckle (front), wrap the needle to lead, and then turn around (reverse) to knit 36 stitches after the marker buckle (the two sides use different return methods, it seems that there are no traces). The second row (front) is 36+4 needle turn, and the reverse side is 36+4 after the mark buckle, so repeat 4 times

Six: After the end of the introduction, A flower weaves three times, and then 3 needles and a left needle (or your favorite way of adding needles) 162/3 = 54 needles (54 needles added)

162+54=216 needles

Seven: Knit B flower once, knit another circle and a half needles, then add needles, four needles plus one needle, also add 54 needles, at this time a total of 270 stitches

Eight: Knit three circles of the needle, then knit two and one hanging thread one needle, and then six circles of the needle

Nine: Change 4.2 knitted C flowers once

Ten: After the C flower is completed, knit 7 circles of flat needles, 3 needles plus 1 needle 33 times, then 4 stitches plus 1 stitch 9 times, 33 stitches plus 33 stitches, and 4 + 1 stitches 9 times, a total of 84 times, at this time 354 stitches and 4 circles of lower needles

Eleven: Split sleeves: 12 stitches (armpit) from the mark buckle, 64 stitches sleeve, another 114 stitches, and another 12 stitches (armpit) and 56 stitches

Twelve: Knit flat to your favorite length

Thirteen: Pick the sleeves, pick 66 stitches, knit until the pattern is enough for your own length, and start to give the pattern, the length of the pattern, and the measure of the Yuke part,

Fourteen: Tile after washing.

It’s really not easy to post! I hope to be recognized by my sisters! Thank you

• end •

Author | Kim Liang

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