Shen Yue once worked as an intern in Hunan TV. Because she is very good-looking, many male choreographers in the stage pretend to pass by. Just to sneak a peek at her. Because she is not in front of the camera, her beauty is more real. Attractive to boys, indicating that her appearance is very high. This matter was said by He Jiong in “Longing for Life”. He Jiong’s popularity is very good, and there are many people in the stage who have a good relationship with He Jiong. He Jiong heard about this. Maybe he didn’t expect that the intern at that time would now become a star. So he thought about it in the show and brought it up. Shen Yue also listened to He Jiong, and only then did she know about this. Shen Yue not only looks beautiful, but also has a temperament and eye-catching outfit in the photo!

Shen Yue was wearing a white shirt, printed with many small patterns, which looked fresh and artistic, and also had a pure atmosphere, plus a close-fitting design, and her figure looked slim. With beautiful short hair, it is very beautiful and natural, and I will really wear it after red!

Shen Yue is wearing a pair of high heels, the upper is light yellow, printed with black letters, and red stripes, there is a circle of light blue decorations on the edge, the fabric looks very similar to wool, ten unique, and a little more fashionable. The shoes are sandal-style and look great for a smooth foot!

Shen Yue was wearing a white skirt, and the outside was covered with a layer of tulle, which was longer than the inner layer of fabric, and it looked fairy and fluttering, just like a fairy, and it was beautiful. With chic high heels, there is a little more elegant beauty, and the overall look is very fashionable!

Shen Yue is also fairy in other dresses! Shen Yue was wearing a white tulle skirt with many small dots, which was lively and more attractive. Made of tulle material, a little more temperament, plus a pair of silver high heels, plus a pointed toe design, it looks elegant and stylish!

Shen Yue is wearing a white blouse with a pair of black trousers, black and white is very classic, but no matter how classic the color matching, if there is no pattern embellishment, it will still look a little monotonous. So the top is printed with a red pattern, and the pants have small white dots, which is very literary and artistic!

Source: Network Synthesis

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