In the last issue, we had a brief understanding of the video recorder, and in this issue we will continue to understand the main parameters of the video recorder to help us choose and buy the right product.

Select the main parameters of the video recorder

Number of video access channels: This determines the maximum number of access your network recorder can access.

Network bandwidth: This determines the smoothness of your video preview transmission.

Video Output: This determines the clarity of the video you preview, pay attention. If the clarity of your monitor is lower and the output resolution of your recorder is higher, you will see a black screen on the monitor.

Video encoding format: This is related to the time stored on your hard disk, for example, H.265 encoding requires 20GB for video recording a day, and H.264 requires 40GB, which increases the capacity by half!

Hard disk management: This determines how many hard disks you can install, whether it can be expanded or formed into an array, and pay attention to the maximum number of hard disks supported by a single disk position.

Network interface: This one has a single network port and a double network port. Single network port: connected to the external network, generally through this interface for remote viewing of double network ports: one is the internal network port, mainly for the camera to assign IP.

One is an external network port, which is mainly connected to the external network.

POE network port: In order to supply power and transmit data to the front-end camera that supports POE function, if the front-end supports POE but the back-end recorder does not support POE power supply, it needs to be used with POE switch.

Alarm interface: where there are special needs warning prompts, this type of video recorder can be optional, and the function can alarm through alarms such as alarm horns to remind personnel to pay attention to danger and solve problems as soon as possible.

Single network port 16-channel POE network video recorder

After reading this, do you know how to choose the right video recorder? The next issue will begin to explain the content of the camera, if there are any questions, you can leave a message to communicate [Bixin]

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