With today’s living standards and rapid development of science and technology, take pictures into a simple and simple matter. Many people like to hold the camera, and press the shutter to capture the beautiful place everywhere or time point. But as a “hand shake star”, pick up the camera each time there is no auxiliary tool, plus a lot of camera lens, but also exacerbated the impact of the hand, taken photos Always blurred, and the waste rate is high.

Fortunately, many cameras are loaded with anti-shake systems, using software algorithms to reduce the impact of hand shake or reduce blurred parts, and imaging is more high and beautiful. Today, let’s take stock of portable cameras that have an outstanding power of shake capabilities and help to travel easily.


Scene selection, easy shooting

Getting a white photo as a photography, whenever you see a good thing, you want to take the camera as a remember. But the camera does not have a simple operation as a mobile phone, you want to take a good photo in different scenarios, you need a certain experience and knowledge. So if the camera supports scene mode, it is more suitable for new players.

Nikon D5300 supports VR damping, effectively reducing the impact of jitter when photo. It is equipped with a scenario to select a corresponding scene mode. Whether it is portrait, the scenery is still a suitable shooting effect, and the mood is recorded anytime, anywhere.

Quick focus, capture beautiful

The focus speed is extremely important when shooting the picture. The faster the focus speed, you can capture the imaging at high speed, easier to select satisfactory works.

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Sony A7RM2 is equipped with excellent five-axis anti-shake system, which effectively compensates for the impact of hand-held jitter on the screen. Built-in 399 phase detection focus, the enhanced hybrid auto focus system improves focus performance and accuracy, achieving approximately 5 high-speed continuous shooting per second, allowing users to quickly capture a beautiful moment.

Small waterproof, talking

When doing outdoor sports, there is always an idea that the camera records your own exercise process. The jitter of the helpless run photo is really too large, it is difficult to exclude stable video or clear photos, and the professional sports cameras have played a very important role.


GoProHero7 supports HypersMooth video stability technology, which is comparable to the air-shaking function that allows users to purchase additional stabilizers when they are in use. In addition, the body is firm and waterproof, and there is no need to worry about the bumps when exercising. Built-in speech control assistant, you can manipulate simply using simple speech instructions.


Intelligent optimization, precipitation

Because she knows that she is easy to shake, she will not be clear, so I will take more pictures every time I press the shutter, so I will choose the most satisfactory work. Canon IXUS 190 passes the time-consuming step by intelligence to save this time.


Canon IXUS 190 is equipped with approximately 20 million effective pixel CCDs, which can present delicate and vivid imaging quality. Support for AUTO mode, you can continue to press the shutter button to perform uninterrupted shooting, and automatically select more excellent photos. Supports six anti-shake mode to meet the needs of different use scenarios.

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