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Is there any piece that can be worn all year round? There are, such as small-legged jeans, both

Show leg length


Thin legs

, definitely in the girls’ closet

A must-have

Wearing a down jacket or coat with small-legged jeans in winter will make you look less so


Accentuate the waistline

And extraordinarily

Stylish and eye-catching

In fact, having a pair of small-legged jeans is just the basics, and if you want to open the door to fashion, you naturally have to learn how to match ~ It’s very simple, you just need to

4 ideas

, you can easily wear small leg pants out of fashion.

Tips1: Small leg jeans + shirt

Girls entering the workplace must have a shirt in their wardrobe, don’t look at its simple design, in fact, it will never


。 Girls, remember that no matter what new trends blow in the fashion world, shirts + jeans must be

A 10,000-year classic

Select one piece

Slightly wide fit

of a shirt paired with skinny small-legged jeans,”

Wide top and tight bottom

“The pairing of LOOK is unique and makes it easy for you to become

Trendy focus

Tips2: Small leg jeans + sweater

Shirts and jeans are deniable

A perfect match

, and sweaters and jeans are the hottest CP.

In the choice of sweater, choose the one as much as possible

Oversize fit

Yes, upper body

Loose and casual

And with a few points


The breath is exactly what the current fashionable elves admire.

And the styles of sweaters are also varied, wear

Solid color version

A sweater will look great with small-legged jeans

Simple and refreshing



A sweater will be paired with small-legged jeans

Girly vitality

, it depends on which style you like~

For small girls, a short sweater may be more suitable than a long sweater, if you want to wear it

Long legs

The effect, then choose a short model must be right!

Tips3: Small leg jeans + short top jacket

Autumn and winter coats are naturally indispensable, and walking on the street, I found that most girls are right

Short coat

I still like it. A short coat is more visible than a long coat


, and pair it with a pair of small leggings, not to mention how much

Capable and free


In fact, there are many types of short top jackets, when you wear black leather clothes with small jeans to go out on the street,

Cool girl

Images are presented in minutes!

Cropped fur jackets or short velvet suits, these garments will come with you

A sense of prestige

Black coat

Dirt resistant



, but dark colors will inevitably occur after looking at them for a long time

Visual fatigue

, light blue or light gray small-legged jeans just right


, so that the overall look is no more


Sense of style


And these two years are very popular

Plush short coat

, It is also very fashionable to wear with small-legged jeans!

Plush short coat texture


Keep warm and comfortable

。 But if you want to look less like yourself

, I suggest that you better choose a pair of slim pants, such as small-legged jeans,

Outline the leg line

At the same time, it will not be too tight, and the combination effect is just right~

Tips4: Small leg jeans + long coat

If you don’t have a long coat in your wardrobe, it’s bound to be incomplete.

Many small girls are worried about wearing long clothes


, in fact, the key lies in how to match. The combination of a long coat and loose wide-leg pants may only be suitable for tall girls, but for

Small girl

For you, just wear a pair of leggings to create it instantly

Slender figure


Long coat

Elegant and generous



When these two different styles of pieces are combined, I didn’t expect to be unexpected

Funky mash-up

The result.

After reading so many matching ideas before, have you learned anything?

It seems that small-legged jeans really are

Versatile artifact

, no need to deliberately concave the shape, just casually match the effect presented is already very good


Pair it with cropped legs and jeans,

Tall and thin

Or use

The sweater is paired with small-legged jeans, obviously just


The combined upper body effect was unexpected


, and at the same time


What about the role!

Small leg jeans fit design


, very good to wear on the body

Clean and good-looking

, combined with a two-piece sweater with the same simplicity on the upper body,

Classic and endearing

When I use a cropped top jacket with small-legged jeans, yes




, whatever it is

Everyday outings

Still is

Commuting to work

Can be worn like this, a set of LOOK can easily get two styles~

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Plush women’s small leg jeans



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Slightly wide fit


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