Myanmar gold camphor, jade and teak are known as the three national treasures of Myanmar. It takes at least 50 years from growth to maturity, with a slow growth period, high hardness and not easy to wear. Burmese golden camphor contains extremely heavy oil and iron, this oil and iron makes it remain unchanged, acid and alkali resistant, and especially moisture-resistant and corrosion-resistant, more miraculous is its planed plate color, through photosynthesis and oxidation into golden yellow, and the color over time and more noble.

In Europe, Burmese camphor is used to make the most luxurious yachts and residences. At that time, the deck of the T Titanic was built by the Myanmar Golden Camphor, and although it has been corroded by seawater for a hundred years, it is still very good. Those hundreds of years old buildings in Shanghai (such as HSBC, Customs House, Peace Hotel, etc.) are almost all made of Myanmar gold camphor as columns, handrails, floors, although after a hundred years of vicissitudes, but still intact, bright as new, since the last century, the world’s Myanmar gold camphor resources are increasingly rare, so it has a lasting value preservation and collection value.

Myanmar golden camphor wood is hollow, so Myanmar golden camphor tea tables are relatively rare on the market, and the sky-high gold camphor tea tables known for their full flower grenades are even rarer. A Myanmar golden camphor tea table is equal to a joint venture car of more than 100,000 yuan can be said to be not an exaggeration, and even some Myanmar golden camphor tea table can be equal to an Audi A6.

Today, let’s enjoy the legend that a tea table is equivalent to a Myanmar golden camphor flower durian tea table of the public Tiguan.

Length 3.6 m, width 1.5 m, height 0.9 m (panel width 1.13 m, height 0.76 m)

The shape of the coffee table is atmospheric, the whole is not spliced, the panel is full of grenades, and the trench gas is full of screens.

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