As soon as I saw the 3 words “cost performance”, it is estimated that many rabbit fans are secretly laughing, after all, the gossip rabbit shopping mania is famous, and there is no concept of cost performance in the eyes for a long time.

Just like I wrote the diving watch before, it is the feeling that the appearance is the first, and everything else can be discarded, after all, everyone wears a look every day. But then I still received some questions from readers, saying, “I don’t have a big budget, but I really need to go into the water often, how to choose”.

The rabbit immediately straightened his waist and seriously suggested to everyone: the meaning of “cost performance” is – practical and price matching, both of which are indispensable.

So I have the answer in mind.

Let’s first share with you a more interesting event called Red Bull Cliff Diving (non-professionals should not imitate it). The event started in 2009 and provides a stage for diving enthusiasts looking for the beauty of freefall.

Change to a place with good scenery to dive and twist out the beauty

This year marks its 11th season, and the top athletes in cliff diving will once again complete a series of difficult maneuvers such as jumping, turning and flipping from a height of 27 meters at a speed of more than 85 km/h under zero protection.

So the question is, what kind of watch can withstand the impact of high-altitude water and easily cope with the underwater environment?

Swiss Mido signed a contract with the event this year, officially becoming an official partner, and also acquired two of the brand’s best friends, Jonathan Paredes of Mexico and Alessandro De Rose of Italy.

Alessandro De Rose

In the face of this event, Mido has pushed the Navigator series 600m diver’s watch to the front line. On August 24th, the Mostar race in Bosnia and Herzegovina will begin and we will be able to enjoy the performance of our two best friends and the diver’s watch.

Wearing it on the outside of clothes is also popular nowadays

A race that is not known to the public, and an appeal suitable for a few professionals, in a market environment where beauty is paramount, why should Mido challenge itself to make this diving watch?

The series division of the Mido watch is more distinctive, and its inspiration comes from architecture. The Navigator series was born in 1944 and points to the building of Cape Europa Lighthouse. The lighthouse has been watching over the Strait of Gibraltar, standing firm in the storm, using its lights to show the way for navigators entering and leaving the coast of the Iberian Peninsula.

Cape Europa Lighthouse

As a diving watch, its significance is already very clear. Then let’s take a closer look at the performance of this table:

1, It is 600 meters waterproof, equipped with helium drain valve.

2, using Mido Caliber 80 chronometer certified automatic mechanical movement, 80 hours power reserve, equipped with silicon hairspring.

3. The price is 13000 yuan.

I believe that everyone has grasped the meaning of the word “cost performance” here according to the above three points.

It has a unidirectional ceramic rotating bezel and a digital display treated with Super-LumiNova GradeX luminous coating

Rabbit explained a few words. First of all, the role of 80-hour power reserve is clear to everyone, it can span a weekend, take the following table after work on Friday, and it is still walking at work on Monday, less timing steps, lazy gospel.

Secondly, the advantage of silicon hairspring is that the anti-magnetic and anti-seismic effect is better and more accurate. In the early years, silicon hairsprings were mainly used in high-end brand movements, and in recent years, people-friendly brands have also gradually shown signs of popularization. In fact, Mido launched the silicon hairspring movement for the first time in 2016, and naturally this year’s absolutely important diver’s watch will not be taken lightly.

Blue face with steel strap

You can imagine sports such as cliff diving, the watch has a great impact at the moment of entering the water, and the requirements for the watch are naturally higher than usual.

In addition, Andy, a rabbit fan who is a diving instructor, told me that the diving watch he wears daily is 1000 meters waterproof, which is enough for ordinary divers: “But if you use a high-depth technical diving watch with helium, nitrogen-oxygen trimix, you need a watch with a helium valve.” ”

Ordinary air diving, only oxygen and nitrogen components, can be safely used at a depth of generally within 55 meters, after which helium should be added, and the three gases are matched into mixed gases to avoid the gas intoxication effect brought by large depths

The general diving strap helium valve is basically more than 300 meters waterproof, and Mido’s 600-meter waterproof is obviously more demanding and adapts to a wider environment.

Then, there are 2 options for this watch, in addition to the blue dial with steel strap, there is also a black dial with rubber strap.

The rabbit got a black real thing, let’s feel it, relatively speaking, the rubber strap is lighter than the steel strap.

The size of 43.5 mm, you can find the actual thing to get started and experience the size and weight

Today, the 75th anniversary of the Navigator series, in addition to this main 600-meter waterproof model, Mido has new plans, and the rabbit may wish to spoil it – the new 200-meter waterproof model of the Navigator series that will be launched in September, that is, the 75th anniversary model, the strap first impressed me.

Also blue and black two options, but both steel straps

As a result, Mido completed a diver’s watch layout in the short term – professional 600-meter water resistance and 200-meter water resistance suitable for daily wear.

The reason why I want to emphasize the 600-meter waterproof diver’s watch today is also because in the consumer era where “looking good enough” is the primary goal of watch selection, professionalism and practicality are still a person’s demand – for niche brands, focusing on professionalism will be dangerous (because mass consumers do not pursue), but fortunately, Midu’s market volume has the strength to do this challenge itself.

As I said before, cost performance is a word firmly related to price, the same performance design popularity, 13,000 yuan and 31,000 yuan evaluation is diametrically opposite.

Rabbit recommends this watch to consumers who have a strong “willingness to enter the water” and desire precision and practicality, but a watch of similar price is enough.

Bagua rabbit is a signed author of the headline number, please contact for reprinting.

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