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Autumn is approaching, and the Jiangnan region where Gao Yue is located has experienced a cold overnight winter. Turn on the weather forecast for rainy days. Every rainy day, Gao Yue will be very uncomfortable, not because of the trouble of rain, but because of the unsatisfactory umbrella

Either the range is too small and drenched; Either the umbrella bone is too soft and the wind blows it out; Either the umbrella cloth is too wet and the waterproof performance is not good. Such embarrassment may be experienced by many friends like Gao Yue, so it is imperative to choose a good umbrella, Gao Yue summarized that it may be worth buying how to buy a good umbrella The strongest strategy, absolutely full of dry goods:

One. Common types of umbrellas

The common types of umbrellas we use daily are roughly divided into three types:

The first is a straight-handled umbrella.

This is also the favorite umbrella of most male students, and its main advantage is the large opening area

Once opened, it is like an enchantment, it is like a quack hero when you put it away and hold it, hahahaha. Of course, if you can buy a special umbrella for stalls, you will not be afraid of typhoons, hahahaha

The second type is a three-fold umbrella.

This is the most frequently used umbrella in our daily life, and its main advantage is portability, which we like to carry on our daily commute, and can also be put down in the side storage bag of the backpack or cross-body bag

The third is the five-fold umbrella.

This umbrella female classmate must be very familiar, because generally we see the umbrella used by the little sister on the street is five-fold, about why to choose the five-fold umbrella, Gao Yue has also consulted the little sister

The answer is good-looking, small, put in the bag does not occupy a place, it is true, there are more cases of five-fold umbrella flowers and small does not occupy place. But the more folds, the more unguaranteed the strength of the umbrella

The above is Gao Yue’s summary of the more common types of umbrellas in daily life, of course, there are any opposite-sex umbrellas or bread umbrellas or whatever, very cute, that is, it may be universal or practical enough, you can choose different umbrella types according to your travel needs

Two. Opening and closing method

In terms of opening and method, there have been many ways to play umbrellas in recent years. Gao Yue summarized that the umbrellas we use daily are roughly divided into three types of opening and closing, which are manual, one-key opening and closing, and fully automatic opening and closing

The first manual is the most common way to open and close umbrellas.

That’s right, the story of Xu Xianbai’s wife also began because of a manually opened and closed umbrella. The biggest advantage of manual opening and closing is that the mechanical structure is not broken, and multiple opening and closing is still very good to use

Of course, there are also disadvantages, some mechanical structures are tight, which is less friendly to girls or children

The second type of one-button opening and closing is a more popular opening and closing method in recent years.

That’s right, it is a manual mechanical structure with two steel wires, and then the button to control the snap. When you face the rain, it is not very handsome to press and hold up

But one-key opening and closing also has disadvantages, that is, the steel wire or rope inside is easy to break, so that it is useless and more expensive umbrella. At the same time, when the umbrella is closed, the movement is relatively large, hahahaha

The third way is fully automatic opening and closing.

If you want to give an example, it is the umbrella in the door of the Rolls-Royce, which can automatically open the umbrella as soon as it is drawn, and the umbrella surface is particularly large, but the cost is too high

From the way the umbrella opens and closes, we can see that its difference is mainly reflected in the difficulty of opening and closing the umbrella by man, but in terms of the durability of the umbrella, manual opening and closing is still the most suitable for our daily travel

Three. Umbrella frame material

For an umbrella, the umbrella frame is its entire core, because there is an umbrella frame will have the birth of an umbrella, so the umbrella frame material is a very important element, which directly affects our feelings with an umbrella. According to Gao Yue’s combing, the umbrellas we buy daily are mainly concentrated in three kinds of umbrella frame materials,

They are steel alloys, carbon fibers, and alloys dominated by iron

The first is a steel alloy.

This is the ideal umbrella frame material for umbrellas at present, and the steel alloy is inherently light and will not rust. Therefore, most of our daily umbrellas are aluminum alloy umbrella frames, which are cheap and practical

The second is carbon fiber.

Indeed, carbon fiber is a new material in various industries in recent years, it is characterized by lighter materials, and at the same time the ability to withstand strength is very strong, and carbon fiber sounds very advanced. It is true that the carbon fiber material is relatively excellent, but its cost is much higher than that of steel alloy, so the price of the overall umbrella will be relatively higher, and carbon fiber under gravity, the result will only be broken, can not be restored by bending like aluminum alloy

The third is the alloy umbrella frame dominated by iron and metal.

Although this thing is an alloy material, it actually uses iron metal as the overall stock price, and then coats a layer on the surface of the skeleton, so that it will not rust and the cost is low. However, the disadvantage of this umbrella frame material is that it weighs more than the other two materials

Four. Number of strands of the umbrella frame

For the umbrella frame, the number of strands of the skeleton determines durability and wind resistance. Therefore, Gao Yue talked about the number of umbrella frames, the so-called number of strands is a skeleton is a strand, so 8 strands is that this umbrella frame is composed of 8 umbrella bones

From the perspective of mechanical force, under the same pressure, the larger the force area, the smaller the force. The umbrella frame is the same reason, generally we buy umbrellas are 8 shares, in the face of daily wind and rain is generally no problem, but Gao Yue still suggests that it is best to buy 10 shares of umbrellas (of course, the more the better, is not necessary) is more solid, stable, and wind resistance is better. As for how much more expensive 10 shares are than 8 shares, it is probably the price of a bottle of drink, and this money is worth spending

Five. Umbrella surface material

If the umbrella holder is the core of the entire umbrella, then the umbrella surface is the real protection. Choosing the umbrella surface material is very knowledgeable, and listening to Gao Yue conclude:

The first material is the most common polyester cloth.

What is the characteristic of polyester cloth is that when we rub the surface of the umbrella, there are many small folds on it, and it will not be restored, and the surface still feels rustling to the touch. The characteristics of polyester are that the color selectivity is higher and the cost is cheap, but after a long time, it will become more brittle, so the durability is average

The second material is PG cloth.

That’s right, PG cloth is bumper cloth. It is characterized by high density of the umbrella surface, and the light barrier is very good, the feel is as soft as cotton, and the waterproofness is excellent. This material is very suitable for umbrella surfaces, but the cost is expensive, generally more high-end umbrellas will be used, so the price is not cheap

The third material is nylon.

Nylon cloth is really omnipotent, invincible existence, its feel material is as comfortable as clothes, and its coloring ability is very strong, all kinds of colors are OK, the umbrella surface meets water, easy to slide. It is this material that it will shrink a little, so when you use it for a long time, you feel that the umbrella surface is getting tighter and tighter, and it is difficult to open and close. However, the cost of nylon is relatively medium and durable

The fourth material is transparent plastic.

That’s right, many scenic spots will have a transparent umbrella that sells a handful of 10 quick money, that is the transparent plastic umbrella surface, relatively bright, the overall feeling is good, that is, the plastic is easily brittle after being soaked in water and then dried, and then it is broken

Generally, the choice of umbrella surface materials on the market is mainly these four, from the perspective of practicality and cost performance, Gao Yue believes that polyester cloth is a good choice, its price is moderate, practicality

Six. Stretch the diameter

The diameter of the stretch is a decisive factor in determining the coverage of an umbrella

Of course, the big umbrella has a very unique advantage at this time, so Gao Yue made a table corresponding to the number of people with different stretching diameters, which can be used for your reference

If you want to say that the ideal state of the umbrella for daily use is a 10-strand three-fold steel skeleton umbrella with polyester cloth umbrella surface, it is the most practical. Although I hope that everyone has a good umbrella, I hope that our life will be less stormy, more sunny and clear. I hope this article helps you buy a good umbrella to protect you!

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