It’s getting colder, and you’re not used to seeing models with bare legs and bare ankles in street photography. In fact, in addition to the down jacket, you have a more fashionable choice of thermal jacket – fur.

When it comes to fur, the first thing you think of may be the northeastern woman’s mink, or maybe only a woman with a strong aura like Cookie in “Hip Hop Empire” can control it.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case. Last winter,

The reddest pieces are warm.”

teddy bear coat”, Rosie wears it feminine and elegant.

And this year’s hottest long coat should be a leopard fur coat,

Romee Strijd, who performed this year’s Victoria’s Secret Swarovski dress, showed us a demonstration.

In fact, it’s not just Romee who likes to wear fur coats.

Many Victoria’s Secret angels also like to use fur coats to make shapes,

Josephine Skriver, for example.

When Kendall celebrated her 23rd birthday the other day,

I also wore a bright green fur coat, which was very eye-catching.

Marie Antoinette, the queen of French fashion, loves top hats decorated with fur

Fur is believed to have contagious powers

From ancient times, humans knew how to use animal fur to protect their bodies from the cold

By the 19th century, the middle class in Western Europe and the northern United States was gradually increasing

They have a strong need to wear fashionable and ornate furs to show their increasingly noble status and status

Although since the 80s of the last century

There is a growing awareness of environmental protection and animal protection

But it still can’t resist people’s love for fur

Queen Elizabeth is a big fan of fur

Wherever Grace Kelly goes, fur accompanies her

Jacqueline Kennedy wears leopard print with a sense of modesty and generosity

Elizabeth Tylor has contributed countless classic fur looks both inside and outside the play

White fur, no one can wear more stunning than Marilyn Monroe

In film and television dramas

The most classic fur look is Carrie in Sex and the City

The looks of the 4 leading actors in this drama have not been repeated

Only this fur is excluded

It comes from Ina, a famous designer boutique, in New York

At first, I planned to borrow the shoot

But at that time, the drama was not yet popular

I had to buy it for $200

This fur tasted great when it was bought

At one point, the stylist was worried that Saha would not wear it

But in the end she didn’t just wear it

He also contributed countless outfit looks

The most classic is the midi skirt underneath, revealing the calves and ankles

Step on another pair of mules

Perfect to dissolve the bloat of fur, full of charming

Short fur coat

Stylish global match

The short fur is the most fashionable of all lengths.

Tall ~ very suitable for petite girls to choose~

The upper body will look fluffy in fur,

So try to choose a tighter style for the lower body,

The upper width and the lower narrow can show the thinness and leg length~

Black leggings are the least error-prone choice~

With boots, it is more handsome and fashionable~

Styles like GIGI with Harlan small leggings are very suitable for people with wide crotches~

Remember that the inner wear and pants are more slim~

to make fur look more fashionable!

If you want to feel casual and age-reducing ~ recommended with jeans~

Sister paper that is not afraid of cold can try to match it with single shoes~

It collides more fashionably feminine~

Petite girls can wear a long pair of flared pants,

Stuff a pair of high heels inside ~ henceforth 170 is not a dream!

If you want a more relaxed style ~

You can change into a pair of small white shoes,

Remember that the length of the pants should be where the ankles are exposed,

In this way, you can appear thin and tall~

Relatively tall sister paper,

Wear yours with wide-leg pants!

Very French fashionable,

It’s more handsome with booties,

With sneakers, there will be a street style~

You can also wear a skirt with fur!

A fur jacket with a lightweight dress underneath~

It looks fairy~

Remember that the color system of the skirt and the coat should be the same~

Half fur matching rules

The sense of local tyrants in the whole body fur is really unreasonable, if you want to be a northeastern local tycoon, you can sauce purple! However, how can you endure this kind of collocation in fashion, Xiaobian recommends to you today, the matching of half fur styles!

If you just like the whole fur,

You can also be bold, but pay attention,

Don’t dress like a rough man with a tiger’s back and a bear’s waist!

Wide fur must choose 7 or 8 points,

This way you won’t feel like the whole person shrinks into fur!

Solid fur can be eye-catching with the spliced shape!

This year’s popular suede jacket,

It seems that the UGG was put on the body ~

Fur fur hair faintly exposed on the upper body,

It’s really beautiful and not “frozen”!

Fur vests like this,

While keeping warm, the sense of fashion is also super!

You don’t need to have one or two small highlights of the fur material!

In fact, fur can add warmth to ordinary looks,

But adding more will be very heavy, in the matching of one body,

Add a few small details of fur,

It can make the matching full of novelty!

Tips1, a small fur collar

A simple fur collar can add a highlight to your look!

When choosing a style for an overcoat or cropped top,

Add this little tip!

Tips2: Small fur decorations on clothes

Fur balls on sweaters,

Woven fur fur doped in the middle of the blouse,

can make your pieces look new!

Gentle beige, lovely pink or warm red,

Simple cute light blue,

The neat colors give a playful and cute image.

A rabbit plush woven top,

Stick tightly to the body, it is warm to look at!

Or a fur scarf is not bad~

Such fur handbags are also very popular this year,

Never worry about getting cold in winter again!

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