Creative children’s chair for the fun of life

With the recent popularity of the in-person program, a large number of cute babies are active on the screen. Not only are we paying attention to Mengwa’s, but all walks of life are also paying enough attention to Mengwa’s growth. Just like the previous design side chairs, they are all aimed at adult sizes, and there are very few children. Recently, Taiwan held a competition for children’s chairs, “Yilan Chair Design Award”, with “children’s chairs” and “solid wood materials” as the main axes. A total of 650 design works were received, so let’s take a look at some of the best ones.

In order to encourage the cultural and creative industry to carry forward the local humanistic spirit of Yilan, the Cultural Bureau of Yilan County Government held the “Yilan Chair Design Award” for the first time last year, creating the concept of Yilan as a creative city and a dream land for children. With the theme of “Children’s Chair” and wood as the main creative material, the competition not only emphasizes the integration of Yilan local elements, but also refers to the creativity, commercial feasibility, safety, ergonomics and other practical aspects of the submitted works. The final outstanding works also completed the feats of touring, and were unveiled at the 2013 Yilan International Children’s Play Art Festival, Taiwan Designers Week, the 6th Cross-Strait Xiamen Cultural Industry Expo, and the 2014 Taipei International Book Fair, which received considerable recognition.

The first prize of the first “Duck Rocking Chair” (designed by Chen Shuzhou and Bai Wanhua), forms a duck rocking chair by hot pressing and forming of curved wood, showing the appearance of Yilan raising ducks pitching and foraging among rice, but the focus is definitely on the cute wooden duck shape like a wooden horse, which makes children crazy at a glance!

The runner-up is “Continuing Wood” (designed by Huang Xiaoyuan, Liao Yuxuan and Lin Qianli), which is based on the early Taiping Mountain Forest Farm and uses the ropeway to transport wood to Luodong to soak in the wood storage pond. Through the stacking and binding of three logs (Miki Seisenori), the seat shows the intention of stacking wood, and the armrests on both sides take the concept of a clear chair. When children grow up, they can remove the wooden strips and turn them into regular side chairs for sustainable use.

The third runner-up is “Sewing Buttons” (designed by Zheng Yuzhen), which is fixed and assembled with mortise and rope, and the concept of button shape allows children and parents to have fun in the process of “sewing buttons”. Simple shape, easy mass production, convenient packaging.

The first Best Popularity Award “Captain One”, the hull of the super mini, the side anchor wood carving is super cute, the overall texture looks not at all inferior to the online furniture brand, especially with the little sister of the tender Q on the side, you can shoot and record it directly.

With the theme of humanistic spirit, it focuses on creating a children’s paradise and opening children’s imagination and creativity. The cultivation of innovation should be excavated from a young age, and there is this super beautiful furniture accompanied by childhood, how can the cute babies not be curious about life?

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