The most inseparable thing for women in summer life is skirts, in contrast

Gorgeous dress dress

The more glamorous, dress-style skirts are usually better



The noble side

, but it takes a very precise choice to make the style suit you.

The choice of color is part of the clothing, and each color on the color wheel has its own characteristics, of which yellow is a very bright color. Yellow can show

Luxurious effect

, and has a strong atmosphere of wealth, with a good style will be

There is a strong vitality.

Yellow is not a commonly used clothing color, because not all yellow is suitable for people of all skin tones, and some darker styles are easy to cause a less aesthetically pleasing overall effect.

Ni Ni


Yang Ying

With wearing a yellow dress, the style is very important, and there is a difference between “princess” and royal sister. The use of a wide-shouldered shape of the big princess dress will naturally enhance the woman’s dignified and luxurious temperament; And compare

Slim skirt

More performance-oriented

Sexy and sultry royal sister style.

Ni Ni Yangying’s charm is really different, one is charming and beautiful and the other is playful and agile, who can not love it? In fact, both of them have the best figures, but dress

Different styles

The style presented

There is a big gap,

It also brings out the different personality charms of women.

Therefore, if you want to make which temperament is more significant, you must choose the style according to the style, which will be more effective and take a lot of detours, which is also everyone

All skills to learn

, and can be used for life.

The difference between different styles of design dress skirts

The difference between golden yellow and lemon yellow

Each color has a certain difference, for example, light blue and dark blue show a large difference in effect, and yellow is the same, although there are various yellow colors

The difference in color


Not so obvious,

But the small gap still has a certain impact on the style presentation of the skirt.

The skirt with the golden yellow tone is more aristocratic, and through the cultural inheritance of generations, the golden yellow has also become a very symbolic color. And


There will also be some softer effects, more than bright colors

It’s a little more affinity


It is the brightest yellow one, has a very strong impact, it is full of fruit


and sunny


, and has a strong youthful vitality, making it difficult not to take a few more looks.

The difference between shoulder padded ruffles and slim suspenders

Princess dresses have some of the more iconic features, such as puffy puff sleeves or shoulder pads, combined with cinched waist or high tunic styles, and a wide skirt, which is almost every piece

Standard for princess dresses

, so as long as these designs appear, it is easy

Reminiscent of a princess-like temperament.

And the slim style of suspenders is also presented with a very strong style, and the suspenders are a very clean and simple outfit, plus

Slim fit

It’s even more capable

Accentuate the lines

Yes, the enchanting charm of women cannot be stopped at all.

Other yellow dress dresses are on display

Prestige style light yellow hot stamped printed dress

Light yellow is relatively soft, and compared with yellow with a higher saturation, it should have a warmer charm, making the woman’s temperament more elegant and gentle. But light yellow has a very

Obvious disadvantages

, that is

The colors are too monolithic

, no sense of fashion.

By adding

Foil stamping

, can be well adjusted, the print decoration is to outline a more beautiful overall effect, and the bronzing print is more advanced, and very spiritual, to

More intriguing than other patterns.

The deep V-neck and high padded shoulders will make it very imposing. The width and height of the shoulders have always been the most intuitive part of the influence on the aura, which can be effectively placed

The figure is shaped into an inverted triangle

, so that the sense of dignity is more deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

A gentle and delicate bandeau dress

The bandeau style skirt with yellow is not only clean but also very white. It is recommended that when friends choose a yellow outfit, the makeup should be matched with a red or red lipstick, which will be better

Sets off a fair complexion.

The simple fit of the garment is in the dress skirt

The most basic one

, but the simplest often has more changes and designs, and the skirt as a whole uses light yarn to match, which will produce

Fairy air fluttering

The aesthetic effect of let

A sense of tenderness radiates from the inside out

The layers of soft yarn will have a fairly three-dimensional layering, and the effect outlined by this material is very light and heavy

The layering effect varies greatly.

The gauze skirt has always been a dream wear in the minds of many people, especially the white yarn style, which is a once-in-a-lifetime wedding choice for women. Try it out when you’re attending some events

His gauze dress in color

, with unexpected surprises.

Yellow and white printed pleated skirt

The combination of yellow and white is very harmonious, although white and many colors can play a very good match, but

Tender yellow

Pure white

Joining forces will be even more attractive.

The overall smudge print makes the picture of the skirt three-dimensional and full, plus the design of the pressed pleats, which seems to be slim and has no design, but it is displayed

But the temperament is very rich,

This is also the most admirable design, which can be brought to the wearer invisibly

Very beautiful shape.

There are many options for wearing the same color, and it is very useful to master the matching skills, but it is not enough to understand the style.

Fashion changes very quickly,

The most important thing is to follow the trend.


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