Jung so-yeon believes that everyone is no stranger, a very famous singer, actor, fashion designer in South Korea, officially debuted as a member of the singing group Girls’ Generation in 2007, and in 2014, he issued a statement on his personal Weibo that “SM Company and 8 members of Girls’ Generation notified me of my withdrawal from Girls’ Generation for improper reasons”, which caused a lot of heated discussions among fans.

The following year, her Hong Kong public relations announced the termination of the contract with SM Company, and since then she has started her solo interpretation activities, and recently Cheng so-yeon sent out several sets of selfies on vacation by the sea, it seems that Jessica’s life is very free, sitting on the beach she is both sexy and girly in a black polka dot swimsuit.

Zheng Xiuyan lying on the beach chair wearing a red bandeau short sleeve is very ladylike and temperamental, and the crop top shows Zheng Xiuyan’s slender figure very well, and the blue denim shorts are very bright and beautiful, and at the same time show Zheng Xiuyan’s skin fair and shiny.

But for people who go to the beach to play is really a little conservative, the powder blue dress swimming suit well outlines Zheng Xiuyan’s beautiful figure, the wavy neckline is very layered, and the design of the low neckline shows Zheng Xiuyan’s collarbone line very perfectly.

The triangle one-piece swimsuit shows her long legs, very slender and straight, but this kind of swimsuit looks a little short when worn on the body, and the childish one-piece swimsuit looks like the clothes of elementary school students, and does not show Zheng Xiuyan’s good figure.

Zheng Xiuyan on this photo is finally enlightened, a bikini triangle swimsuit well outlines her perfect body curves, wearing a straw hat to the beach is even sexy, I have to say that Zheng Xiuyan wearing a triangle swimsuit is really very sexy, netizens have shouted: How many people have to be killed by this figure!

In the early years of concerts, Zheng so-yeon also wore a triangle-style one-piece swimsuit, when she was still very young, but she wore a black polka-dot swimsuit very charmingly, and now Zheng so-yeon who left her girlhood is dressed more and more girly, I don’t know whether to be happy for her or sorry for her?

Zheng Xiuyan wearing a black polka-dot dress is very cute, sitting on the beach playing in the sand she looks very girly, maybe because she has been playing on the beach for a long time, her skin is slightly tanned, making people look very vibrant, and her long brown hair is scattered on her shoulders to add her femininity.

Zheng Xiuyan finally got the hang of it, wearing a triangle swimsuit to the beach, netizens: How many people are forced to die with this figure! Or is this pink swimsuit more in line with her temperament and sets off the perfect body curves, so what do you think of Zheng Xiuyan’s swimsuit photos? Which set do you prefer?

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