Everyone’s temperament and appearance are different, some people are in line with the gentle lady style, while others belong to the sweet and playful style. Everyone has a different temperament, wears different clothes, and shows different feelings.

Another popular item in autumn and winter is the zippered sweater, which is comfortable and casual to wear. So stop wearing just sweatshirts and cardigans, try a zippered sweater to wear more style.

A zippered sweater can be paired with wide-leg pants

, If it is a slightly taller girl, you can wear it with high heels, with the atmosphere of a fashion girl. If smaller girls can choose short wide-leg pants and boots to match, just like this matching shape, you can boldly choose in terms of color matching, and this matching has increased from the visual sense.

Zipper sweaters can not only show a cool style, but also can be matched very gentlely, with wide-leg pants of the same material, casual and fashionable

, looks like a stylish trend, sister this combination can hardly go wrong, and it fits well with many people’s own temperament.

Zippered sweaters can also be worn with skirts of different materials

, leather skirts are the first choice for women who pursue trends and business, and the shape is more retro and has a fashion atmosphere. If you have high requirements for body proportions, you can tuck the sweater into the skirt to be more delicate and look better when worn.

You can also choose a skirt with a strong sense of drape, there is no too high requirement for the proportion of the figure, and you can put the clothes down naturally.

The full zipper sweater is similar to the cardigan, which can be worn as a jacket and is more casual.

More casual and gentle, with a skirt with a strong sense of drape, there is a more warm feeling, wearing a high-end style.

The white top is elegant and fresh to wear, which can highlight the fairness of the skin,

The sweater adopts a zippered style, and the gentle atmosphere spreads instantly, and the lower body is matched with the same color pants, which creates a different feeling

, the fashion charm value is constantly increasing. This combination can release a fashionable atmosphere when worn on the street in early autumn.

If you feel that white is too monotonous, you can choose another color

Green is very popular in autumn and winter, and the zipper sweater is dark green with leather green pants, and the two are casual and high-end. This color progressively wears out the layering, making the whole look not dull and boring, and the combination of solid colors with the series is a trendy style.

The matching of the same color between the inner and outer jackets is very suitable for those who are just learning to match, because there is no need to worry about stepping on thunder.

It is very harmonious from the visual sense, and the matching coat has a check element, full of retro style, with a simple and fashionable atmosphere. The coat jacket is zippered, and the sweater is more comfortable and warm. Wear yours with a pair of skinny jeans without worrying about problems.

The white zippered sweater color is very clean, if you want not to be very layered, you can match it with the same clean light blue denim wide-leg pants. If

If you want to be visually taller, you can tuck part of the zipper sweater into your pants, and the waist line has been improved, and you can visually see that the height ratio is perfectly divided

The zipper sweater can be said to be gentle and generous, representing fashion and simplicity, wearing a lazy atmosphere, but when matching jackets and pants, if you want a cooler style, you can easily match the fashion style.

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