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Hoping, hoping… Shanghai Disneyland, not yet opened… It is reported that it will not be until next spring…

But! The world’s largest Disney store, on May 20, will officially open in Lujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai! This is also Disney’s first flagship store in China. It has 860 square meters of retail space, 5,000 square meters of outdoor theme plazas, and more than 2,000 Disney merchandise.

What is the price of the goods… Compared to Hong Kong Disneyland and Japan Disney Store: more expensive…

Cause? Exchange rate! How much more expensive exactly? Look down!

The theme plaza outside the Shanghai Disneyland flagship store is the first of its kind in the world. In the center of the plaza is Disney’s iconic Mickey’s head-shaped flower bed, planted with seasonal flowers and surrounded by greenery. The plaza will also feature a Disney clock tower where 13 classic Disney characters come out every half hour to tell the time. In the square, there are 3 Mickeys hidden, and there are 14 Mickeys in the store, can you find them all?

Follow in and get a sneak peek!

When you enter the Disney Store, the first thing you see is this 5.8-meter-tall Magic Kingdom castle. Every hour, a three-minute castle show is staged in the store, with clips from Disney classic movies being staged simultaneously on screens in the castle and in the store, and the lights throughout the store will be dimmed.

The blue trail on the ground – fairy dust trail and road signs visible from looking up will lead you to the whole “buy, buy, buy” mode. The direction in which Disney animated classics are pointing on the signpost represents where they are.

While “buying, buying, buying”, don’t forget to look up at the sky occasionally. Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, etc., sit in the hot air balloon and say hello to everyone!

This is not an ordinary mirror in the store, but a “magic mirror”.

Although it can’t tell you who the prettiest person in the world is, as long as you stand in front of the mirror for a few seconds, Disney princesses will appear in the mirror and talk to you!

Inside these trees in the store, there are also silhouettes of Disney characters hidden and they can be found from certain angles.

On the open book, is a large loop Disney story screen oh ~ anytime, anywhere, you can watch Disney classic animation!

In each exclusive shopping area, there are Disney classic characters greeting everyone~ and Shanghai Disney flagship store, as well as Marvel Zone, this is the only Disney store in the world with a Marvel zone!

The Shanghai Disney Store has also prepared a limited edition product for the opening of the hotel, limited to 1 per person. How to identify? It is printed with the words “Disney Story Shanghai”. There are dolls, mugs, badges, phone cases, key rings, Tsum Tsum, etc. As for the limit? The staff said: inconvenient to disclose ….

What are the prices in the Disney Store? Morning News Jun told everyone one by one, be careful with your wallet!

Shanghai Disney Store Opening Limited Edition Items:

Mickey Doll Medium: 240 yuan / piece; Small: 136 yuan / piece

Different from ordinary dolls: the soles of their feet are gold, and they are printed with “Disney Story Shanghai”!

Mickey and his friends’ cups: 120 yuan per piece

Key rings for Mickey and his friend: 76 yuan per piece

Mickey/Minnie Doll Key Ring: 88 yuan per piece

Ordinary non-limited edition Mickey Minnie Doll Medium: 220 yuan / piece

Hong Kong Disneyland Store, medium: about 175 yuan per piece

The popular Tsum Tsum series

Mini: 46 yuan/pcs; Medium: 144 yuan/pcs; Large: 288 yuan / piece

Japan Disney Store, Mini: about 34 yuan / piece

IP6 mobile phone case: 220 yuan / pcs

Japan Disney Store: about 147 yuan per piece

Disney University Bear: 238 yuan per piece

Japan Disney Store: about 180 yuan per piece

Winnie the Pooh cup: 64 yuan per piece

Japan Disney Store: about 40 yuan per piece

Mickey and Minnie’s plates and plates: $46 per piece

Plush dolls that can put change: 108 yuan per piece

Plush doll pendant pinned to the chest: 228 yuan / piece

Princess dolls: 176 yuan per piece

Boys’ muscle shirt game suit: 498 yuan / piece

Spider-Man electric mask: 198 yuan / piece

Captain America Super Soldier Premium Helmet: 198 yuan per piece

Captain America Super Soldier Morphing Shield Launcher: 198 yuan/pcs

Bag: 394 yuan per piece

Bag: 248 yuan per piece

Backpack: 342 yuan per piece

Ballpoint pen: 66 yuan / piece

Ballpoint pen: 86 yuan/piece

The reason why this is more expensive than above is that it can be scaled!

Water cup: 46 yuan per piece

Frozen-Singing Princess: 326 yuan / piece

Jewelry box: 324 yuan / piece

Crown ring: 212 yuan per piece

Dress: 422 yuan / piece

Snow White dress: 498 yuan / piece

Swimsuit: RMB 238 per piece

Children’s artificial leather slippers: 100 yuan/pair

Finally, the most expensive product in the field,

Princess dress: 748 yuan / piece (the girl next to it is not sold~)

Shoes additional: 156 yuan / pair

It is reported that the products sold in Disney’s flagship stores cannot be bought in Disney authorized stores, and there are also certain differences from Disneyland products. Here are the products. All are designed and produced by Disney itself.

Well, after reading the prices of these goods, do you have a bottom in your heart? Whether you want to go or not, and whether you want to take ~~~your her~~~

In any case, when you go here, remember, and don’t forget, be sure to bring:

Money! Money! Money!

Basic information of Shanghai Disney flagship store

Address: No. 180, Fenghe Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China

Opening hours: Shanghai Disney Store is open 7 days a week, 10:00 – 22:00

Source: Morning News

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Shanghai Disney Store Opening Limited Edition Items:

Shanghai Disney Store Opening Limited Edition Items:

Shanghai Disney Store Opening Limited Edition Items:

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