Not illegal.

1. The new traffic issue does not make new regulations for xenon lamps.

2. The traffic law stipulates that the low beam of all headlamps is not allowed to dazzle, but there is no clear specific standard, nor does it specifically regulate the installation and use of xenon lamps, and at present, it is determined whether it exceeds the standard through visual inspection and subjective judgment of the traffic police. The punishment for excessive color temperature varies from place to place, and the lighter punishment is that the use of xenon lamps at night is regarded as “not using lights in accordance with the regulations”, and a fine of 50 yuan and 1 point are deducted, and 2,000 yuan can be deducted for heavy ones.

If the motorcycle wants to change the xenon lamp, it must change the lens, the price is expensive, it is not worth it. Otherwise, if serious astigmatism is complained about, the traffic police will limit and prohibit punishment.

Motorcycle headlights are low and driving is unsafe. Privately changing xenon lamps is too dangerous and not good for yourself. Nowadays, privately changing xenon lamps, causing many accidents, has become a road killer, do not use xenon lamps illegally, otherwise, things cannot be avoided, sooner or later they will encounter.

A Nova high-efficiency headlamp brightener is recommended. Its brightness is close to xenon headlights, no astigmatism, and the light color is good, rain and fog days do not reflect, no violations, driving safety. The yellow light penetration of halogen lamps is strong, and it is not reflective in rainy and foggy days, not reflective like xenon lamps, and the white and vast can not see the road. It is a good lamp change plan, you can refer to it.

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