On November 18, AutoNavi launched the ADAS early warning navigation function, which can be called up the mobile phone camera or connected to the dashcam.

With the help of AI calculation in the software, it helps the driver identify the vehicle ahead, pedestrians, lane markings, etc., and provides various safety reminders such as collision warning and lane departure, reducing the chance of accidents.

Users only need to update to the latest version of Amap, and the warning navigation can be seen at the bottom right of the route. Before using it, the app will ask you to choose to bring your own camera or connect the dashcam lens and calibrate your phone before you can use it.

Xiaolei learned that ADAS is an advanced driver assistance system in the car, which uses millimeter-wave radar, lidar, cameras and other components on the car to detect and inform the driver of possible potential risks in advance. For drivers who are prone to busy, the early warning navigation of Amap’s map is also an added guarantee.

Some more advanced ADAS may also be able to cooperate with the vehicle to make a slight avoidance response, but the cost of a set of hardware for the assisted driving system is generally high, not all models will be equipped, and many car owners may not be able to enjoy ADAS. The early warning and navigation function launched by AutoNavi is equivalent to allowing the mobile phone to act as the ADAS system itself, which can help drivers find undetected dangers to a certain extent.

If you want to make the most of this function, there may be some requirements for the placement of the phone, such as placing it in a place with a good view. The ADAS early warning navigation of Amap’s has a lot of help for car owners.

But Xiaolei feels that relying on the camera of the mobile phone or the dashcam alone, the detection effect is definitely not as good as the various sensors with lidar and other sensors, and it is recommended not to rely too much.

ADAS, which requires a large amount of data processing, in addition to Amap, there are other large manufacturers as representatives, such as Intel’s Mobileye, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Ride and NVIDIA’s NVIDIA DRIVE, etc., their advanced driver assistance systems are often linked to automatic driving. The first consideration of autonomous driving is safety, so advanced ADAS is also the basis for ensuring the safety of autonomous driving.

As the brother of ADAS, Mobileye also cooperates with many car companies in assisted driving systems and autonomous driving, such as Volkswagen, BMW, GM, Great Wall, Zeekr and so on. Qualcomm’s recently launched Snapdragon Ride has also found manufacturers such as BMW.

In Xiaolei’s view, this wave of Amap’s popularization of ADAS functions with algorithms and navigation lowers the threshold for users.

However, AutoNavi can also integrate ADAS early warning and navigation into the vehicle system, or come up with a set of ADAS, or even autonomous driving algorithm solutions, and cooperate with domestic car companies, depending on how AutoNavi will be carried forward in the future.

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