Last month, Zhima Jun used practical actions to bring fans the first “hemp imprint high-quality men’s and women’s hemp socks” private benefits, allowing everyone to experience what is really good hemp products, while also enjoying the lowest price on the whole network, opening a good start. In order to live up to expectations, Zhimajun continues to get in touch with more brands and merchants, and continues to seek more high-quality and value-added hemp life experience benefits for everyone. This issue brings you the unexpected December “heavy snow” super benefit.

This issue contacted the domestic cotton and linen factory – Dongjia Group, and after a call, the fan benefits given by Dongjia hemp cotton almost made me kneel (fortunately, I supported the table dripping). Why is calcium deficient to this extent? If you look at a text of pineapple zebra many years ago, you may understand it in seconds!

The above analysis is already clear: if you want to buy a real linen pillow for 25 yuan, even if you don’t have free shipping, it is absolutely impossible! Unless it’s a fake like polyester imitation hemp! Then take another look

Dongjia gave Zhima Jun’s welfare strength: 19.9 yuan free shipping, or pure linen pillows.

Rest assured to buy their house certified by Ouma, so I almost didn’t stabilize at once, because from the boss to the person in charge is too giving.

Normal price 158 yuan / piece (free shipping)

Double 11 68 yuan/piece (free shipping)

Zhima fan welfare price: 19.9 yuan / piece (dare to continue free shipping!) )

Touching my conscience and saying: the postage is 10 yuan +,

Linen pillows are equivalent to paying 19.9 express delivery and delivery!

In order for fans to experience their good linen products, the brand is equivalent to giving it directly! Do you say that Toma-kun can not be grateful? Of course, the welfare is really coming, Dongjia is also giving us enough face for this experience, everyone will let go and grab it on the day of the welfare, and they have earned it when they buy it!

Since he enjoyed such a big benefit from the other party, Zhimajun also thought about how to repay Dongjia in the future. Therefore, I sincerely ask everyone to share some photos and experience feelings in the group after the experience, and later Zhimajun will publicize their pillows more, which can be regarded as a small return gift. It’s not fun, the right time has to be repaid, isn’t it!

No more nonsense, on the product

Dongjia linen pillow (with pillow core)

Specification: 45*45 CM

Fabric: European linen/cotton linen, inner core feather wool (removable washable)

Buy things with confidence,

There is nothing long to talk about!

Dongjia Group

About the company look at the introduction below, by the way, a few more pictures, should take everyone to visit the factory in Changzhou. In a word, hemp spinning circle is one of the few large international companies.

After visiting the factory, let’s learn about fabric design

△ Famous textile designer Cipirani

On temperament and appearance, to put it simply: a bit of an Italian version of Nicolas Cage, not too much, right? In 1986, he was engaged in textile design and development, and was best at developing: high-quality, high-value-added, high-performance fabrics.

Of course, the bedding of their home below is also very noteworthy,


Take a look at the familiar Lan Mou Gini logo directly above if you recognize it? Maybe you will understand why Dongjia is so atmospheric, and directly comes up to give fans such value-added benefits.

Strength and pattern, Dongjia is pinched to death!

What else to introduce about the advantages of flax? Then look at the picture.

Benefit rush time

Heavy Snow (12.7)

“Say important times three times”

December 7, 10~24 o’clock

“How to participate in the welfare grab?”

Small partners who want to participate,


Connector code:

Chima Moon Monthly Benefits

After passing the Zhimajun, invite everyone to join the group,

Drop off the link promptly at 10 a.m. on December 7!!!

200 copies are sold out!

“Welfare Requirements”

In view of the ultra-low experience price, the brand side also put forward a small request:

Linen throw pillows, sent randomly, color selection not accepted!

Whether it’s linen or core, the quality is absolutely assured!

Let’s smoke a blind box surprise benefit when the snow blows.

Come to know the hemp ZHIMA, the month and the month save Double 11!

A life that will live is so unpretentious!

“Follow-up Benefits Notice”

December winter solstice benefits

Brand: Xima

Men’s and women’s hemp New Year red (hong) Yun underwear

Ingredients: 42.7% cotton, 19.6% hemp, 6% spandex

31.7% regenerated cellulose (contains pearl blended regenerated cellulose fiber)

200 articles

Original price:59 free shipping,

Welfare price: 22 free shipping

January Spring Festival benefits

Brand: Tian He

Organic export double certified hemp seed oil

250ML (Single Bottle)

Original price:92 free shipping,

Welfare price: 46 free shipping

Number of benefits: 400 bottles


Original price:210 free shipping,

Welfare price: 108 free shipping

Number of benefits: 100 boxes


Hamp masks

Hamp towels

(Brand: Qingdao Hantai)

Benefits are constantly being updated…

December 7, 10~24 o’clock

December 7, 10~24 o’clock

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