As one of the most popular brands in Japan in recent years, Wacko Maria’s designs, styling, and even models have attracted fans, and the fengshen Aloha Shirt has reached a high price that ordinary fans can not expect, but the popularity has only increased.

Wacko Maria

And the brand’s recent joint actions are also continuous. First, he launched a series of pieces with the famous film “The Silence of the Lambs”, and collaborated with the American music poet Bob Dylan on several new clothes.

The inner lining is still a leopard print element of Wacko Maria, and a dark green coat jacket with Bob Dylan’s face printed on the back.

As a must-have item in autumn and winter, the coat must be prepared in the wardrobe to cope with the sudden cooling, but this dark green military jacket has not been favored, and has even been ridiculed as a security guard suit.

But is this army-green coat and coat really so unfavorable? I don’t think so.

First, the matching of military coats is really more than you think

Walking around various dressing software, I found that there are really many people who use this army-green coat as a match. Trendy people in their 20s to grandfathers in their old years all use this seemingly “corny” coat to create different flavors.

Khaki cargo pants and army-green jackets can be said to be the soul mate of the retro military style, even the old man with gray hair is still full of taste, and the fashion level is not inferior to the young people on the side.

Compared with the short army green jacket, the long army green trench coat creates more of an urban feeling, and can also increase the proportion of the body to a certain extent, which is more popular in Asia, especially South Korea.

The common matching formula is to use a sweatshirt as the inner layer, and put on an army-green long trench coat on the outside, which has almost become the standard matching method.

For Koreans, the military green trench coat is more like a representative of a “sunshine boy”, this sunny, casual way of dressing, can play a good role in reducing age, is a good guarantee for daily leisure, commuting, and is also the most acceptable way for ordinary people.

For the Japanese, the army-green coat seems to have become retro.

Contrary to the feeling of sunshine, a pair of wide-leg jeans hidden under the army-green trench coat, paired with a pair of slightly formal leather shoes, does have a Japanese retro taste.

In Japan, military coats are not even necessarily outerwear items, and in the pursuit of the ultimate loose wearing concept, a broad-fit military coat and fat wide-leg pants are a common combination. Some outfit bloggers can even put a fluffy vest on the outside.

The most exaggerated thing is that this kind of military coat is covered with a down vest, and the inner lining is tucked into the pants to stretch the leg length, which is a good method for boys with a relatively thin body.

Of course, this way of dressing is also for the sake of dressing to some extent, in the tropics, subtropical we also wear it is estimated to be hot enough, but when the cold space comes, a military coat is indeed the only choice for the wind.

In addition, influenced by the wave of City boy style, the army green jacket seems to have become a new label in the outfit, even if you don’t use the upper body, there are many young clothing bloggers who are keen to use this military style to make matching pictures and give more people a different visual experience.

In Europe and the United States, army green coats are not too common items, but there are a few workwear bloggers who are good at blending army green with various colors.

We have also emphasized the combination of near-color many times, if you don’t want to wear a military coat to look like a security guard, you can try to use layers to highlight the fashion attribute.

Dark grays, khakis, and a variety of lighter greens are all common combinations in workwear styles.

If you think army green is too conservative and serious, layering it with a more jumpy color, or pairing it with a pair of light-colored jeans, is also a way to create a sense of leisure.

In general, I personally think that the military coat is a winter item that is relatively not very picky, has a low tolerance rate, and can highlight the taste through small details.

Second, these brands of military coats may make your eyes shine

Wtaps founded Descendant in 2015, a brand that is not primarily militarized, but one of the DM51 military coats is a sought-after one. Subsequently, the domestic brand manager also co-branded with it, and the price also took off in a straight line.

The brand revolves around the family atmosphere and the steady style of adults, with a lot of small details, but not overly militarized design, no wonder MADNESS grabbed its co-brand, but the product is a matter of opinion.



When it comes to military style and various military green coats, it is necessary to mention Monitaly, which has a relatively low entry threshold.


Inspired by the retro military uniforms of the 60s in the United States, the aesthetics of the modern and war years are combined, and the exquisite Japanese aesthetics and retro American style coexist, and interested friends must not miss it.

Of course, as one of the ceilings in the workwear brand, Wtaps’ interpretation of army green can be said to be pure green, and it is also the first choice in the hearts of many boys.


A military-style jacket like the one below can be said to be a perfect blend of street and military uniform. The specifications and silhouettes of the vintage military uniform, the modern style, the Oversize fit, and the four-pocket design can be said to combine the elements that young boys like now.

Finally, I would like to say that no matter what brand of army-green coat, I always feel that people are a little resistant to this seemingly corny piece.

But both exist and reasonable, there will still be many clothing bloggers and brand managers will use this military coat, military jacket as the first choice for winter wear. As long as you can wear your own taste and fit you, no piece should be labeled “passed”.

At the end of each year, we get a new popular color from the official, but the army green piece seems to have been enduring for a long time.

These seem to be the “old things” of the past, which may one day become fashionable and trendy new trends that return to our vision, but it is precisely because these retro, military clothing items themselves have a rich historical background, so they are quite able to withstand the test.

Wacko Maria

Wacko Maria

Wacko Maria


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