Multi-layered solid wood boards are quadromlamine impregnated paper (commonly known as painted layers) on both sides of the multi-layer board.

Multilayer solid wood-free plate, actually multilayer-free plate, multi-layer plate including many kinds, generalization, multi-storey multi-storey, multi-layered multi-layer, eucalyptus multi-layer, Yang, multi-layer!

Multilayer-free plates, with a multi-layer, the worst quality, and environmentally friendly is not as good as the particle plate, its raw materials are the waste templates on the construction site, and the formaldehyde is serious! The price is around 120 yuan, which is also a multi-layer solid wood custom wardrobe on the market, and the particle solid wood custom wardrobe, the price is almost the reason!


The real multi-layer paint plate, at least a multi-layered plate, including the multi-layer, eucalyptus, multi-layers, and many layers!

Its price is similar, there is E2-level, suitable for outdoor use, E1, suitable for indoor use, more companies do E0 level, but currently, the country’s latest standard, only E1 level, less than or equal to 0.124mg Cubic meters, this is climate box testing, the detection conditions are under constant temperature and constant wet, in fact, there is no previous test method, which is used to place the plate in the boiler to steam, and then detect the formaldehyde content in water vapor ! This E1 level is less than or equal to 1.5mg per liter!

Yangmu multi-layer and eucalyptus multi-layered plate, the price is about 150 to 180, and the E1 level is also, E0 estimation is not reached!

What is the advantage of multiple layers of hands?

It seems that in addition to strongness, there is really nothing, the key is to do a wardrobe, not to do a platform, then say, the plate is more strong, the connecting is the same, can not fight it on it!

What is the disadvantage of multi-layers?


First, the environmental protection factor, because it is all bonded by a layer of glue, so the environmental protection factor is definitely not reached!

Second, the deformation, the thicker the multi-layer plate, the less deformation, and at high temperatures, the deformation cannot be recovered, which is also most custom wardrobes, do not dare to use this board to make a wardrobe long door!

In short, multiple layers are painted, and there is also an E1 level. The price is not expensive. It is also possible to make a wardrobe, but don’t be fooled by bad merchants, buy regeneration, then it is basically garbage!

However, if there is pregnant women and infants, it is not recommended, because if the room is ventilated, there must be affected by the health of the family!

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