It is already the end of the year, and during the year-end and New Year holidays, there are especially many people who get married, because there are holidays during the New Year, and relatives can get together. How to arrange the wedding room on the wedding day, what feng shui is particular. Tuba Tu Xiaobian introduces it from the perspective of feng shui in this article

Wedding room decoration on the wedding day

And feng shui to pay attention to when getting married

Wedding ceremony taboos

1. Arrangement of the wedding room on the wedding day

The wedding room arrangement on the wedding day is not only the pursuit of romance and festivity, but also from the perspective of feng shui to arrange the wedding room, the following is the bedroom layout feng shui taboo, can provide a reference for the wedding room layout of the wedding couple.

1. The bedroom is straight away

The arrangement of the wedding room on the wedding day, do not make a straight rush, if there is an alley rush, the road rush, it is unlucky.

2. The décor of the sheets

If the sheets have large flowers on the wedding day, they will generally give birth to girls, and if they are dragons and phoenix sheets, they need to see the sky first, otherwise the couple will have a feeling of oppression.

3. The light of the wedding room

The wedding room interior should be bright, air circulation is better (if the light is too dark, it is advisable to light the light during the day), the light will make people happy, air convection, will make the body healthy. But in principle, the lighting in the bedroom should not be brighter than the living room, and the principle of “bright hall and dark room” is followed.

4. The color of the wedding room

The color of the marriage room must not be painted pink, which will cause neurasthenia, and the husband and wife have many quarrels, so there are many people who make tragedies. Avoid colorful colors (do not knurl paint). The bedroom floor should be light color (too dark like hell), the floor is best not to lay felt, easy to damp, mildew, hurt the trachea, especially long felt is more unfavorable.

5. The wedding room does not hang wind chimes

Do not hang wind chimes in the bedroom window, it is easy to make the lady dizzy and irritable (the cake pattern is not auspicious, the round bed is not auspicious, and the ceiling is round and unlucky).

6. The toilet cannot be flushed

The toilet in the bedroom should not be flushed (punch – headache, shoulder – neck pain, waist – sciatica, kidney, foot – foot soreness, positive flush – abdominal disease.

7. Beam press bed

There should be no beams on the marriage bed, otherwise there will be a sense of oppression, and do not straddle the horizontal wall inside and outside the house (this phenomenon is more common for those who add to the upper floor, which will make the heart uneasy).

Second, the feng shui issues that need to be paid attention to when getting married

1. Wedding date selection

Marriage should be on an auspicious day. On the wedding day (the day of the wedding), you need to choose an auspicious day, and you need to match the birthday of the family members, otherwise there will be unluckiness or discord between husband and wife.

2. The choice of the best man and bridesmaid

When choosing a bridesmaid groomsman, the couple needs to follow the principle of zodiac conformity, preferably people who coincide with the new and bride zodiac signs, and people who avoid the zodiac signs that clash, it is best not to constitute a punishment as well.

3. Choice of wedding hotel

Generally, you need to avoid the name of the hotel that clashes with your zodiac, and the choice of location is not to go to the underground banquet, otherwise the relationship after marriage will weaken, and even cause the dissolution of the marriage in the future. During the banquet, the principle of feng shui is to keep the lights or candles on and never go out, because this omen is the sign of extinguishing the fire halfway, and the marriage is the sign of dying halfway.

4. Choice of wedding car

It is best to choose a color car that is conducive to the five elements of the bride’s life, avoid unlucky places on the route, and friends in charge of wedding car photography should remember not to take in unlucky or ominous places or things, because these things often have a harbing, which is harmful to the marriage luck.

5. Placement of wedding photos

Placing wedding photos on the wedding day has a stabilizing effect on marriage. The position is generally northwest or southwest, with Qian as the father in the northwest, representing the male host, and Kun as the mother in the southwest, representing the hostess. Wedding photos placed at the head of the bed should not be placed on the right, and the white tiger position on the right side will be unfavorable to the marriage. The wedding photo should be placed in the green dragon position on the left side of the bed, which can make the marriage of the two blessed and happy.

Third, the marriage room layout is taboo

1. Don’t find people who are in conflict with the days to decorate a new house

2. Don’t find someone who clashes with the newcomer to decorate a new house

3. The mirror of the new house should be covered with a cloth as much as possible

On the wedding day, the new house decoration must be mainly red, such as red quilts, red pillows, red double happiness, red lights and so on. In the five elements, red belongs to fire, and on festive days, fire is understandable. However, if the mirror of the marriage room is reflected in the mirror, it will contribute to the strength of the fire, and it is easy to cause conflicts between husband and wife, quarrels and so on.

4. The swastika sticker should be firmly attached and must not be reversed

5. Do not replace or replace the new house within three months

In feng shui, the decoration of the wedding room should be maintained for at least three months, that is, the wedding room must not be moved or replaced during these three months. And you can’t let the marriage room be empty, otherwise it will affect the stability of the relationship and long-term development, and seriously cause miscarriage.

6. Sharp objects and scissors cannot be placed on the bed of the layout of the new room

The layout of the new room can not be placed on the bed, scissors, these sharp tools represent the diamond angle, easy to produce contradictions, I believe many people understand. Generally, some red ropes, red cloths, etc. can be placed on the bed in the new room, which is beneficial to the relationship between both parties.

4. Wedding feng shui taboos and solutions

1. Marriage is forbidden in the basement

The place above the ground level for people to live is called the Yang House; Below the ground level, the place where the deceased enters the earth is called the Yin House. Happy events should be carried out in the basement and underground building, otherwise, it is easy to weaken the relationship after the fact and the career changes.

2. How to resolve marriage in the basement

(1) Secondary justice

If you have recently held a wedding in the basement, you can go to the court to notarize the marriage, and it can be resolved. If you have been married for several years, you can use the wedding anniversary to find a non-basement venue and invite some relatives and friends to dinner.

(2) Bridal lounge

It is best to get married with an office permit before the banquet, and the bridal lounge at the banquet is located upstairs, so that it can be resolved.

What are the decoration items for the wedding room?

Wedding room decoration supplies 1, happy characters

Of course, the wedding room is the least is the red happy word, the traditional joy word is relatively thin, and there is no novelty, this joy word is made of colored paper, the most novel is to design the two mouths under the joy word into a heart shape, and the image of the groom and bride are placed in the two hearts, symbolizing the two married couples’ hearts pasted together, the design is ingenious.

Wedding room decoration supplies 2, bear

The groom and the New Year are not made by people, but two cute bears, the bride bear wears a pink wedding dress, and the groom bear wears a black dress, which is very matched, this design can attract people’s interest and feel more cute.

Wedding room decoration supplies 3, cross-stitch photo frame for the couple

A cross-stitch photo frame for the couple is hung on the wall of the living room where guests are entertained, which is different from the traditional way of placing pictures of the couple, and the face of Sina in this cross-stitch photo frame is added with a red dimple, which shows the shyness of the married couple.

Wedding room decoration supplies 4, stickers

The lighting in the wedding room can also add a festive atmosphere, put a beautiful sticker outside the chandelier, this design drawing is pasted with cartoon stickers, couples who want to add a festive atmosphere can choose red stickers, so that the light turns festive red, which makes people more able to determine the happy atmosphere of marriage.

Wedding room decoration supplies 5, throw pillows

Remember the windmills that flew around in your childhood? The windmill-patterned throw pillows cater to the white Korean pastoral home, like a cool autumn breeze, which accompanies us to reminisce about the good times of childhood.

Wedding room decoration supplies 6, animated images

To ask what is the most popular cartoon in 09, Xiyang Yangyang and Big Big Wolf are the chief occupants, this decoration is made of images of Xiyang and beautiful sheep, adding a touch of childlike fun to the wedding room, and this is not only an ornament, you can also put a mobile phone or some small bits and pieces in it, which is very convenient.

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