As a classic in the fashion circle, the white T has been popular for more than 100 years. whereas

Long-sleeved white T

This item, because it appears in the time of “summer above, autumn and winter is not full”, people often do not think of it.

But see the celebrity bloggers these

100 points for comfort and 100 points for fashion

‘s street photography, you know that this is definitely a neglected soul item!



, It can throw off tight undershirts for several streets, and wear it alone on the street in summer,

Proper sun protection

Not afraid of air-conditioned rooms and cool in early autumn

, put on a suit, sweater jacket, and freely choose the most comfortable body temperature.

In overly loose, cool handsome

of sweatshirts, and


of shirts

between it

, exactly

Airy, ageless

, it is easiest to create a unique

“Relaxing beauty”.

A basic long-sleeved T allows you to no longer wear and tear up fashion, just wear it

Find the most pleasing chic between everyday and personality.

Wear it now, just right!

1丨Direct wear, a must for lazy commuting

How many girls open the closet every morning, desperately find that they have no clothes to wear, rummage to find that they are almost late for work!

A long-sleeved white T, paired with jeans,

Put it on and you can stride out,

It can easily create a sense of neighbor.

Expose the hem without exposing the body too much,

Perfect meat masking!

Suitable to have

Small belly, false crotch width

Little cuties.

Tucked into the pants, give again


Temperament plus.

Wear sweatpants,

Stylish and youthful

Sense of movement, commuting to work, exercising after work!

2丨It can be used as a suit underwear

The long-sleeved T is equipped with a blazer, which is more than enough to cope with the temperature difference between an air-conditioned room within 10 degrees and the temperature difference between day and night in early autumn.

Wear it to work, and you can also build a basic model

Sense of premium.

Summer can be matched

Shorts with design details, elegant and neat.

Weekend date shop visits, street photography

, domineering and exposed, earn enough return rate!

3丨Genki girl’s choice at home

Who says you can’t do it at home




Light and senseless long-sleeved white T, like

The second skin of the human body

, wear it to read books, pet cats, do yoga, and pass one

Movement without restraint

Comfortable weekend.

4丨Retro thinking in autumn

Wear it with a sweater jacket and small leather shoes, and the retro outfit in autumn will appear in a second!

Produced by MUJI and BEAMS foundries

The light of cost-effective domestic products

I recommend this one to you today

It looks good and is comfortable no matter how you wear it

The long-sleeved white T comes from the domestic design brand SHEJIBU Social Planning Department.

This summer, the brand directly found MUJI’s domestic foundry and created a summer white T, which sold w pieces in 1 month!

【SHEJIBU Social Planning Department】Summer white T

In the autumn and winter seasons, they continue to customize the long-sleeved model with the standard of big-name processing lines, lengthening without increasing the price, just like the short white T.

You can buy 3 pieces for only 69 yuan!

【SHEJIBU Social Planning Department】 does not struggle with whether to spend a large price on island cotton and Egyptian cotton, nor does it reduce costs by processing rough inferior cotton like some peers, but passes

Improved processes and lower cost renewable synthetic fibers

Come and make a white T.

Choose the right fabric, and at the same time try to reduce the cost in terms of packaging, brand promotion, etc., so in

Maintain the same craftsmanship and version produced by MUJI and BEAMS foundries and big brands

Based on it, let consumers erase a fraction to have a high-quality white T.

Compared with the fast fashion of one or two hundred pieces and the white T that expires after wearing it for one season, it is simple

Excellent value for money.

We tried it on to several picky female colleagues and praised it:

“It’s the soft skin feeling that you want to wear to sleep.”

“Clean white, making people wear it with special spirit.”

“At first, I thought it was hundreds of big-name haute couture fabrics.”

The skin feel of the “second skin” has evolved

Softer than cotton, like a product of nature

Brand side union

Japanese independent designer George Fukuhara

, contrasted

A classic fit from a big name

, running to the factory day and night and constantly revising the details with the master. elapse

More than 120 days


try on



, finally finalized this one

Same for men and women

Fall/winter fit

▲ Designer design manuscript

In autumn and winter models, designers pay more attention to the relationship between the texture of clothes and the human body: “Clothes close to the body are like human touch,

The more skin-friendly and soft the material, the longer and softer it will be to the touch.

He adjusted the neckline, shoulder width, bust, hemming and other details,

Forming just the right amount of light warmth,

“A 1mm change will affect

The distance between clothing and skin

, forming a different one

Airiness, wrapping

丨Softer than cotton, the softer the more you wash

With the AIRCOO plant fiber dissolution process imported from Finland, the internationally recognized renewable materials are desugared and defiberized, and the high-temperature hot air is shaped to make the fabric such as

Naturally soft as modal

, as if it were made by nature.

Soft, airy texture

It won’t be as heavy and crushing as cotton. Wear it in summer, as if you were in the forest

There is a hint of coolness

, the body is not burdened.

Autumn and winter are encountered outdoors

Fierce wind

, it wraps tightly around the skin as if it senses temperature

“Second skin”.

▲ Breathable, not stuffy and sweaty, warm and non-sticky

丨Resist low temperatures in the morning and evening, cold wind does not enter the body

Made of 200 grams of fabric, 60 high-knit weaves, bodice

No bumps

, and did not show the embarrassment of underwear.

Densely knitted, thrown into the washing machine also

It will not get thinner with washing

, long-wearing also

Not easy to deform

Just right



Sun protection

Slightly cool in early autumn


, even colder you can also wear a jacket as an underwear, yes

Year-round evergreen models in the wardrobe.

▲ Light elasticity, just close to the skin without pressing the body

丨It will not pill, yellow, wrinkle easily, and the texture is high-grade


Milk silk brushing and washing water

Craftsmanship, let the clothes slightly strap

The silky texture of edelweiss velvet

, will not be like pure cotton washed for a long time to become rough, but will

The more you wash, the softer it gets, and the texture is still high-grade after wearing it for a long time.

After this washing process, the fabric also



Yellowing, wrinkling

, very well taken care of. Make the base, put it in the coat and bump, too

Not easy to pill.

As a pollution-free and renewable eco-friendly fiber, it is also an earth-friendly fabric that can completely return to nature.

▲ Machine washing is not easy to wrinkle, wear-resistant and non-balling

A big-name fit improved for Asians

Ordinary people can also wear temperament




Gentle and windproof

, not too wide to appear loose.

Neckline adopted

Upper collar craft

, Compared with the wrapping collar process, it is more elastic, and it will not become a “chrysanthemum collar” after washing for a long time,

Washable and wearable

Slim bust


Design, girls wear temperament generously, clean. Boys can do well

Show off your chest

, will not be as shapeless as the old man’s shirt.

Unisex fit, a total of S/M/L/XL/XXL/XXXXL sizes are available, and the height of 155cm-180cm can be selected to choose the right size.

Compared to strictly following the fashion of fashion,

A basic model can often be easily won in one move.

Go out, it’s impossible to go wrong.

When you are at home, you can wear comfortable home clothes, wear sweatpants, and do yoga anytime, anywhere, and sweat freely.

A set of 3 pieces to pack and take away, travel and business trips directly stuffed into the suitcase, do not worry about no clothes to change.

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Social Planning Department SHEJIBU Pure white long-sleeved T-shirt [69 yuan 3 pieces]






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