The weather in late summer and early autumn is cloudy, and what to wear has become a big problem. But it doesn’t matter, street photography and the long sleeves that female stars are very fond of can be arranged, and this autumn fashion can start with a long-sleeved T.

A versatile piece that enlivens the four seasons

The long-sleeved T is a relatively weak sense of season, as long as you want, it can come in handy in every season, and it will be a lot more comfortable with it when the season changes. Wang Likun wears a classic black and white striped long-sleeved T-shirt with a color-block denim umbrella skirt, although stripes and denim are basic, a pair of mesh booties still brings a lot of fashion, and the half-ball head and knee-length of the umbrella skirt make Likun look like a neighbor.

Gigi Hadid chose a pink long-sleeved T-shirt with the same color sweatpants, the pink with a little grayscale will look high-end, the striped design on the side is very lively, and it is refreshing with small white shoes.

At the beginning of autumn, there are many combinations of long sleeves + shorts. Tong Liya chose to use a colorful striped T with white shorts, the vivid color and irregular stripes are very vibrant, and she wears a baseball cap “without washing her hair”, which she also learned.

An oversize boyfriend-style T-shirt can also directly interpret the disappearance of the underwear, and you can easily go out on the street by stepping on a pair of slippers casually like Yang Chao, and the difficulty index of matching is almost 0.

And He Sui’s slanted shoulder gold velvet long-sleeved T is a lot more gorgeous, with black legging and very daily, sunglasses + red lips look more cold.

The first choice for Kaiqiu’s inner layer

The temperature dropped a little bit, and the two-piece suits began to play one after another, and the long-sleeved T was just as good as an underwearer. Qin Lan uses a simple black and white striped T with a double-breasted irregular checked strap skirt, the collision of stripes and checks is very exciting, and stepping on a pair of daddy shoes is full of youthful atmosphere.

And Ma Sichun chose to use a red and white striped shirt with a denim strap skirt, the large area of denim may look a little tough and bulky, and the slit style will look a lot easier.

Wang Luodan also put a gold and silver silk T-shirt inside her printed sports jacket, and the lower body mixed gauze skirt + hair drag is also a fashionable thought.

The “childhood dress” of long-sleeved folding short-sleeved is back in vogue?

The wearing method of short sleeves and long sleeves, when I was a child, I thought it was dirty, and I felt very chic when it was interpreted by fashionable elves, and it was also very practical when this short sleeve was too cold and the jacket was too hot. Zhou Dongyu layered black long-sleeved T and stripes, layering black T inside is very layered, and the sleeves are slightly rolled up and look a lot lazy.

The same is a layered of high-neck black T and white short sleeves, Yuan Shanshan’s army-green cargo pants and black pointed-toe boots are neat and handsome, and the credit card waist chain around the waist is also full of details.

And Li Jinming chose the splicing of cotton and mesh, and enriched the layers through the change of material, so that the white body became focused.

When the season changes, a long-sleeved T can come to the rescue, and this year’s female stars prefer these models:

Slim solid color

The slim long-sleeved T-shirt still has a little requirement for the figure, and choosing a thin black will be more conservative and safe. Emma Roberts used a slim black chimney neck long-sleeved T-shirt with a white single-breasted skirt, smart and elegant.

If you are confident enough in your figure, you can break away from conservatism and choose a brighter color. Like Ken Bean, he wore bright yellow, and it was very American casual with simple jeans.

Solid color basic

Basic + basic can sometimes bring the feeling of effortless chic. Wu Jiaye is wearing white long-sleeved T with denim shorts, and his feet are clean and fresh with small white shoes. Just pay attention to the details when choosing a basic white T-shirt, such as Wu Jiaye’s relatively loose fit and extended sleeves, which avoids the embarrassment of wearing a white long-sleeved T as an autumn coat.

Zhang Zilin and Wang Ziwei also wore simple black long-sleeved T and denim shorts, Zhang Zilin’s long legs are already the best fashionable weapon, and Wang Ziwei chose a pair of seasonal black booties to match.

If you don’t want to be too low-key, you can also choose the style of printing. Sun Yi chose a monogram-print long-sleeved T-shirt with a leather skirt, and if she wanted to weaken the maturity of the leather skirt, she could learn from Sun Yi to mix and match daddy shoes and baseball caps.

And Qin Lan used a black letter print top with a fluorescent green skirt, and stepped on a pair of mesh spliced witch shoes, which looked fashionable and delicate.

Striped model

Striped long-sleeved T is also an old terrier, and female stars have always been tired of wearing, and simple black and white stripes alone have supported half of the sky of street photography. If you like the youthful and energetic style, you can refer to Song Qian’s red sweatpants, and if you pursue a comfortable style, it is OK to match simple jeans canvas shoes like Li Xirui.

Liu Wen has always been very good at controlling the same color items, and denim has always been her favorite fabric, casually layering a basic striped shirt under a denim shirt, and then pulling up the sleeves of the shirt at will, even simple items can exude fashionable brilliance through her combination.

Li Feier chose a boyfriend-style striped shirt, and the color scheme is also very retro, with pleated skirts and canvas shoes not to reduce age too much.

Zhang Tianai uses a red and black pinstriped long-sleeved T-shirt with a cake skirt, air bangs plus layers of cake skirts can not be less female, the stripes of socks and T-shirts also have a sense of unity up and down.


raglan sleeves are a very flattering style, it can weaken the thickness of the shoulders and arms through sleeves without shoulder lines, especially friendly to girls whose upper body is not slender enough, casually wearing a simple pair of jeans is a comfortable and casual look, Ni Ni and Zhao Wei have made a good demonstration.

Waist-baring and stomach-baring models

Fashionistas will not only settle for the basic long-sleeved T-shirt, and there is no seasonal limit to show off the figure, and a long-sleeved top with an open waist or stomach can meet all your expectations.

And the combination of stomach-baring long-sleeved T and sweatpants is completely standard for energetic girls, and rocket girl Lai Meiyun wears such a body, full of vitality.

When the season changes, a long-sleeved T can solve something, what are you still struggling with?

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