September 13th news, according to Digitimes,

The supply chain news said that the new MacBook Pro will be released in October, and the iPhone 13 series publisher in the early morning of September 15.

不和iPhone 13一起发!新款Mac曝光:屏幕太赞了

In recent years, Apple often holds a conference separately, but MacBook Pro is released in October, or some unexpectedly, because the previous supply chain can have problems.

It is reported that the new MacBook Pro will first send M1X chips, still a 5nm process.

M1X may adopt 8 nuclear +4 small nuclear design, single core is the highest Turp 3.2GHz, performance, and power consumption.

However, compared with the chip, the main highlight of the MacBook Pro should be a mold and screen. Many users spit, the interface of MacBook Pro is too small, not equipped with the dock, and work is very troublesome. The MacBook Pro 2021 will use a new mold, join the USB interface, SD card interface, etc., allowing users to get rid of the dependence on the Dock.

不和iPhone 13一起发!新款Mac曝光:屏幕太赞了

Unlike the previous generation, a new generation of MacBook Pro canceled 13-inch versions, joined a 14-inch version to retain 16-inch versions. Whether it is 14 inches or a 16-inch version, it will be equipped with a mini-LED screen.

MINI-LED screen operates to present, including many media, including Lei Technology, have paid this advantage of this screen, and the small thunder does not repeat it. However, Mini-LED screen technology is still immature, and there is a low good quality, and there are some problems. Take the iPad Pro 2021 12.9 inches equipped with the screen, many users reflect the phenomenon of halo, green screen.

After half a year of technical upgrade, I believe that Apple’s control for mini-LED is more in place, and the probability of problem with MacBook Pro will be a small.

不和iPhone 13一起发!新款Mac曝光:屏幕太赞了

Of course, Apple’s laptop prices will definitely not be cheap. The current MacBook Pro 13 inches is priced at 9999 yuan, and the price of 16 inches is 1,8999 yuan. The new MacBook Pro upgrades the CPU and screen, and it is estimated that minimum will start.

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