Before we know it, autumn has arrived, and the way we dress needs to gradually change. Then as a leading fashion vane, there are naturally many collection of autumn wear tips.

No, this autumn is particularly popular “not good dressing” method, all kinds of bizarre outfits emerge endlessly, but most of them need to have a certain fashion expression. So today, the editor will introduce you to one of the more versatile and classic “shawl” wearing methods, using small shawls to create a personalized “layering feeling”, presumably the effect must be amazing!

As for the specific selection method, let’s study it carefully, if you want to become the “queen” of autumn outfits, you must learn to “play cards without following the routine”!

First, the key points of the “shawl” wearing method

In fact, there are many single varieties that can become shawls, such as the common variety of knitted long sleeves, or scarves, silk scarves, etc., and there are also clothing decorations that are specially made into shawls. Therefore, in addition to choosing the right style, we must also pay attention to other points.

(1) Color 上の組

The main color of autumn wear is different from summer, and the focus is soft and warm, such as some not warm white, warm coffee color and more classic earth color, these tones are versatile and not picky, and they also have a good lining effect on the body. Therefore, shawls that match these warm colors also have color limitations, and not just any one can perfectly match the outfit.

NO.1: Classic three colors, simple and more advanced

When it comes to color matching, it is natural to think of black, white and gray first, and among them, the more suitable for the “pastel” dressing point, or white and gray are more in line.

Everyone chose a pure white blouse, with a gray shawl, a large area of white is refreshing and pleasant, and at the same time embellished with gray foils, the two colors are simple and high-class.

Style recommendation: white shirt + gray shawl

Recommended wearing method: shawl draping method

As for the combination of shawl and top, it also requires skill. Take the shirt, we can uncover the top two buttons of the shirt, slightly revealing the delicate neck and collarbone line, so that we can break the original seriousness of the shirt to a certain extent, and the matching shawl directly hangs on both sides of the shoulders, which increases the layering while reflecting a more personalized temperament.

NO.2: Light and dark matching, multi-color is more eye-catching

Wearing more black, white and gray will always feel boring, so we can also choose some different shades to combine, but because to make the whole more harmonious, it is necessary to match the light and dark degree of the piece.

If the overall highlight is with the top, you can choose some fresh and conspicuous light series, and the shawl with it is selected with a less saturated style, the specific color can be the same as the top, or it can be a similar or opposite series; If the top you choose is dark, you can choose a slightly brighter shawl for local volume.

Recommended colors: orange yellow + light pink, burgundy + dark blue, orange + cream white

Matching example: orange sweater + coffee shawl

In addition to shirts, knitwear is also a more common top style in autumn and winter, and it looks more age-reducing with a more eye-catching orange color. Of course, if the sister with a thick upper body, if you choose a slim knitwear, it is likely to cause problems such as exposing excess flesh, so a wide, dark shawl is very important.

Like that kind of big scarf-type shawl, choose some coffee-colored series, it looks retro and simple, it feels good to match the yellow top, and the wide and large shape covers the flesh and shows the temperament.

(2) Design on のcollocation

In addition to the combination of colors, a complete shape naturally needs the blessing of design points, so on the basis of the existing “layering” design, we can also start with the style, printing and other aspects of the piece.

NO.1: Simple stripes or polka dots enhance the sense of design

Prints such as stripes and polka dots are relatively simple and common, and they look good when added to tops or shawls. Especially in autumn, when it looks a little depressed, if you choose a visually fresh and comfortable series like blue and white stripes, it will help you transition the fatigue of your vision.

Visual effects: style to reduce age, reflect the sense of flexibility

Points to note:

Different from the combination of pure colors, so that the addition of stripes and other patterns of wearing should pay special attention to the combination of traditional and simple, the top and shawl can only choose one, not both with prints, so as not to cause visual cumbersomeness, so it is easy to find the focus of the shape.

NO.2: Add coat reinforcement “layering” form

Now that the combination of shawl and top has made up the form of layering, add a coat to further emphasize it. And the coats suitable for autumn are naturally all kinds of coats, blazers or jackets.

Visual effects: enhance the visual perception and create the fullness of the shape

Matching guide for different coat types:

→ stiff suit + shawl, the mix and match is thorough:

The blazer with a sense of seriousness has still become a must-have in the current fashion circle, and the adjustment of the shawl makes the look more casual and decent. Of course, the overall color and design points should still be paid attention to, if you like soft and versatile, you may wish to choose a milk-colored checked jacket, with a solid color shawl in the same color system, complex and simple and orderly, combination of shades, mixed and matching shapes.

→ long coat + shawl, elegant and ladylike:

As for all kinds of coats or trench coats, it is natural to choose a longer style, the specific length can be just around the calf belly or ankle, so that the small sisters do not have to worry about the problem of suppressing the figure. The color and style of the shawl can be selected according to the coat: dark series coats with bright shawls, or warm coats with cool shawls, so that the whole has a clear contrast to emphasize the visual difference.

Recommended wearing method: shawl knotting method

Unlike the thinner single top, the proportion of multiple tops in the horizontal will be more, so we can choose to put the shawl on the chest or tie a knot towards one shoulder, which can well shift attention to the shawl, improve the “bloated” feeling of some layering, and make the look more attractive.

If you had to choose one of the pieces to use to decorate the entire autumn, it would definitely be the shawl collection! Because its own expression is rich and changeable, including styles and decors can be chosen by you, you only need to adjust the relationship with the top in the matching process, are you afraid that you can’t create a stunning shape? Hurry up and make your autumn outfit look new~

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