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I. Preface

As a console player who has played the all-genre dominance for so many years, choosing the right TV can be said to be a top priority; Because the hardware of the game console is the same, the display and gaming experience are all dependent on your TV.

The XSX is in hand, and the PS5 is on its way.

It happens that the video output of game consoles is relatively complex, not only need to get the interface, but also consider input delay, HDR, color effects and other factors.

So most console players have a smooth mouth, play games, then close their eyes to buy Sony, LG ah; It is true that these high-end TVs of foreign brands have higher support for video games, but the price of large size is high, and I bought TVs to play game consoles, watch movies and chase dramas to hand over to the projection and tablet at home, so the game TV series produced by AOC appeared at a very timely time.

At present, my study is using AOC’s second-generation game TV 65G2X, and I will share my purchase journey and real gaming experience with you.

Second, the purchase experience of AOC 65G2X

Here I want to thank my wife first, after marriage, there is no wife to manage strictly, support me to play games, and sometimes accompany me to play; Therefore, after the decoration of the new house, the role of TV decoration in the living room accounts for a larger part, of course, the range of activities in the living room can also play Switch.

The study room belongs to my entertainment room, and I bought a multi-functional small sofa, which can not only sit, but also lie down; The width of the white wall area opposite is 2.33m, and a 65-inch or 75-inch TV can be placed except for the left and right white space.

When I bought the 65-inch Sony TV 9000H, I needed 7,000 yuan, and this AOC 65G2X only cost 4,000 yuan, which was nearly half the price.

And several parameters related to the game are not false at all, the input delay is less than 15ms, the peak brightness can reach 650Nits, HDR is also specially tuned for the game HDR, so I am happy to buy.

Third, the appearance

As a 65-inch TV, it uses VA’s true 4K panel, which has better light leakage control than IPS.

The exterior design is decent, with a narrow border on the front and the brand’s AOC logo at the bottom.

In terms of the interface on the back, there are a total of 3 HDMI 2.0 ports, one of which is placed on the side of the TV, the other two are on the top of the TV, easy to plug and unplug, and there are 3.5mm headphones, coaxial audio, network cable and USB and other common interfaces.

Support desktop placement or wall hanging, because fully entering the next era, PS5, XSX are not small, so I simply hang on the wall to save desktop space.

The machine is also stuffed with two speakers, the power is 10W, which is still enough for my small study, there is a certain sound field, the sound quality is also said in the past, and there is no breaking of sound.

Fourth, the game system and linkage

The TV system is divided into two aspects, namely games and movies, let’s talk about the game experience that everyone pays more attention to.

First of all, 65G2X has built-in game console linkage functions with very complete functions, including “game host automatic recognition”, “ALLM automatic low latency mode” and intelligent adjustment of ambient light; And before I wrote this, 65G2X also OTA upgraded new firmware to support recognition of PS5 and XSX, XSS new game consoles.

First of all, let’s talk about the “game console automatic recognition function”, which is actually from the CEC control of HDMI, but AOC has been better improved.

What are the benefits for players, when you connect PS5, XSX these game consoles to 65G2X, the TV will automatically switch to the interface of the game console, the whole process does not need the player to use the remote control to control; The general TV may also need to switch the HDMI signal source through the menu to find the game screen.

At the same time, 65G2X also has a two-way wake-up function, which can wake up the host through the TV, or wake up the TV through the host, it should be noted that the CEC function of the TV and the game console needs to be turned on.

This way, when you click the power button of the next-generation console, the 65G2X TV will boot into the XSX picture.

When you turn off the TV, XSX automatically shuts down.

Similarly, when the XSX is turned off, the TV will automatically enter the standby state.

If there is no other operation on the TV in a short period of time, the TV will change from standby to sleep, and after using this linkage function, it means that you can’t go back.

As for the “ALLM automatic low latency mode”, simply put, the game console will automatically send the metadata in the signal to the TV, let the TV know that I am a game console, and will automatically switch to the exclusive game mode, just like the 65G2X will automatically switch to the exclusive “game mode”, and the input delay at full resolution is less than 15ms.

Of course, “ALLM automatic low latency mode” is now advertised as a selling point by HDMI 2.1, but this feature is actually implemented on HDMI 2.0.

5. Game screen experience

(1) Specifications

The three video output interfaces of the 65G2X are all HDMI 2.0, all of which support 4K resolution, 60Hz refresh, and RGB signals.

The first is the previous generation PS4 Pro, 4K, RGB and 60Hz can all be turned on normally.

Then came the next-generation XSX, which supports 4K 60Hz and HDR gaming, but unfortunately, because the TV is a 60Hz panel, it does not support 120Hz mode.

I want to explain to you here that from the perspective of the functions of PS5 and XSX, it is difficult for traditional game masterpieces to meet the two conditions of 4K and 120Hz at the same time.

Most manufacturers distribute the game as “image quality mode” and “performance mode”, the picture quality mode is “4K+60fps”, and the performance mode is “dynamic resolution + 120fps”.

What is called dynamic resolution, that is, the resolution will change, for the number of frames, reduce to 1440P, 1080P, 900P…

If you are a picture quality party, playing games must be 4K, not cold to high frame rates, then AOC 65G2X is still enough to deal with next-generation consoles, if you are a frame rate party, then you have to choose a more advanced TV ~

(2) Input delay

The second as a player is concerned about the input delay, the fastest response speed of people is about 0.1s, many TVs that are not optimized for the game, the input delay may be as high as hundreds of milliseconds, such as basketball games, playing on high-latency TVs, the shooting button is released, and the player’s ball has not been shot, naturally it will not go in..

There is also my kind of people who like to play online games, the delay of the server itself is tens of milliseconds, and the player’s operation is “network delay + TV delay”.

Not to mention an electric flint action experience like “Wolf”, so when buying a game TV, you should also pay attention to whether there is an exclusive game mode and how much input delay is.

65G2X because it supports ALLM automatic low latency function, the connection game console will automatically switch to “game mode”, the official claim is less than 15ms, I have also conducted many tests, sure enough, it is worthy of the name, almost around 13ms.

Several popular gaming TV data comparisons, LG CX, Sony 9000H at 4K resolution, 60Hz, HDR input latency of 13.5ms, 15.2ms.

(3) Picture effect

VA panel, color richness is slightly inferior to IPS panel, stronger than TN panel, but the contrast is better than IPS panel.

This 65G2X contrast ratio reaches 8000:1, while maintaining 95% of the NTSC wide color gamut, the color effect of the picture, and high-end TVs are definitely still far behind, but I personally think it’s enough to watch.

What is more touching is the peak brightness of this TV, reaching 650Nits, so AOC, as an old monitor manufacturer, still knows very well about game picture tuning, and makes very pleasing use of peak brightness and contrast, and creates a better HDR effect at a low price.

Looking directly at the screen camera, the game I tested is the next era of “NBA 2K21”, then the biggest change in the next era for the NBA arena is the support for ray tracing; The reflection of the light on the floor presents a different look from different perspectives, which is very realistic. The HDR details of the 65G2X are still good, there is no overexposure, and the details of the stadium are well preserved.

The faces and tattoos of the next generation are more textured than the current generation, and the skin and sweating effects are also more realistic; The human eye is really “like the new and dislike the old”, after watching the picture of the next era, it means that I can’t go back, and I will write a special article to share with you in the future about the experience of 2K games.

65G2X dynamic backlight partitioning, see the muscular gloss in the library~

Even the audience seats of the stadium that used to be complained about are no longer cookie-cutter, and the dark parts are full of details.

The low-latency input advantage of the 65G2X is obvious, even in the cyber battle, you can use Curry to counterattack a quick three-pointer!

It is worth mentioning that AOC also brought the auxiliary aiming on the gaming monitor to the TV.

6. Television system

Finally, I will briefly introduce the 65G2X system, no ads, and the boot speed is fast.

In addition, the TV also has a complete video function, which can quickly watch TV and follow dramas; Other video software is also supported.

PS: I also have station B in my XSX, iQiyi, YouTube and Netflix, Meizizi.

In terms of system settings, in addition to “game mode”, it also supports some adjustments, which can meet the player’s graphics needs to the greatest extent.

VII. Summary

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