It’s the season of all kinds of beautiful skirts “random flowers and gradually charming eyes”, under the swaying skirt, even leggings can not meet the performance desire of MMs, only let the light and delicate socks and pants shine, bringing irreplaceable heroine temperament, stunning 100%.

It is most difficult to resist the elegant temptation brought by the pure and flawless white, the socks with water jade polka dots make the legs look beautiful and charming, the delicate lace jacquard pattern on the thighs makes the temperament go to the next level, and the fake high pantyhose style does not have to worry about the embarrassment of slipping, which is most suitable for creating the perfect Han Fan lady image.

A beautiful woman in a miniskirt walked far away on the street, and the style strolls thought that she was just wearing ordinary black socks, but it made people envious of the slender and slender legs, only after a moment next to her found the delicate lace pattern on both sides of the socks, sighing that the jacquard looks more and more beautiful and feminine against the background, and can also play a thin effect of strengthening the shadow on the side of the legs.

Sexy slender legs always make countless men dream, the design of the garter belt was originally to prevent the ladies’ stockings from slipping off, but I never wanted to open the charm of the little devil who was completely seductive, and performed a stage play with the keywords of sexy and charming, so that he can’t help but kiss Fangze when he thinks of such a sexy appearance when he is dating you.

Close your eyes and count the essential elements of the house style, and you will definitely think of those knee-high stockings, with the twist pattern on them with a simple high-end texture, which is so harmonious with the library atmosphere that exudes a strong smell of books. The length only to the middle of the thigh allows the eye to ignore the thicker thigh root, and the thinning effect is self-evident.

Do you need dance skills to realize a ballet dream? The answer, of course, is no. Pull up your long hair, wear a simple and classic puffy skirt, a pair of pantyhose in white color, wear high heels or just stand on tiptoe, and a ballet girl with elegant and extraordinary temperament will appear in front of everyone and attract all attention.

I think the basic black pantyhose are too flat, you can choose a thinner embellishment pattern, one by one heart-shaped pattern dotted the whole pair of socks, fresh and sweet wind, every detail is full of girly heart.

I don’t know when to start, the overwhelming skinny leg socks make MMs can’t help but take out their pockets and go home, but the pure black style is inevitably easy to get greasy, and changing to a foreign burgundy can bring a different feeling to the shape, coupled with the original high danny number leg slimming effect, it really makes the MMs who love beauty love “legs”.

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