In a few days, it will be Double 11, which is an annual shopping carnival, not only manufacturers will have special discounts or exit coupons, even Tmall has red envelopes and allowances, so this time to buy is definitely the most cost-effective. Perhaps many people have a shopping cart full of goods, but there is one product that is the most important, and that is the wireless router, a good wireless router can bring you a smoother and stable network, whether it is watching movies or online video chatting or playing games more smoothly.

Jiax Aurora AC848

Jiexi King Kong Aurora AC848 is a home wireless router launched by a well-known domestic wireless router manufacturer Jiexuan some time ago, and compared with the previous wireless router, it has certain advantages in performance and heat dissipation. And the Jiaxi Aurora AC848 uses 6 antennas, the signal is not only strong but also stable, in terms of processor, the use of the American Qualcomm processor, high performance makes this wireless router more smooth to use. And the heat dissipation is also very good, the heat dissipation through the conductor aluminum alloy material is faster than the traditional heat dissipation through the air medium, so that this wireless router will not crash due to heat up for a long time.

When let go, the Jiaxi Aurora AC848 has the advantage of 1750M dual-band WiFi, which plays the effect of no lag and no delay in the network, and at the same time has innovative Rehear signal detection technology, which has the ability to intelligently adjust the direction and strength of the antenna antenna transmission signal, greatly improving the sensitivity of signal reception, anti-interference is stronger, plus there are QOS bandwidth settings, it is more intelligent to use.

Asus RT-AC88U

Asus, not only in the notebook advantages are obvious, wireless router is also very good, this ASUS RT-AC88U is very good, with 1 Gigabit WAN port + 8 Gigabit LAN port + 1 USB3.0, fast 802.11ac Wi-Fi wireless router transmission speed can be up to 3167Mbps, can provide users with smooth and stable 4K video playback, low-latency gaming experience, and fast file sharing.

Not only that, but also uses Broadcom NitroQAM technology, which can reach a transmission speed of 1000Mbps in the 2.4G band and 2167Mbps in the 5G band. In addition, there is also the aggregation link function, two Gigabit network cables are connected at the same time, and the maximum transmission is 2Gbps, bringing a fast network experience, which is very smooth and stable.

Netgear R7800

Netgear is a big brand of wireless router in the United States, 1 Gigabit WAN port + 4 Gigabit LAN ports + 2 USB3.0 + 1 eSATA, in terms of appearance also looks very atmospheric, built-in frequency of 1.7GHz dual-core processor, with 128M memory and 512M flash memory. Netgear R7800 wireless router adopts the latest 802.11ac wireless technology, the wireless transmission rate of the 2.4GHz band can reach up to 800Mbps, the wireless transmission rate of the 5GHz band can reach 1733Mbps, and the wireless transmission rate of the dual-band concurrent state is up to 2.53Gbps, which can fully meet the use of multiple members of the family.

And Netgear R7800 supports MU-MIMO, if the device usually uses MU-MiMO can ensure the highest connection speed, while QoS function is powerful and reliable, in 1M bandwidth to open download, play video, can still ensure smooth games, of course, the heat dissipation performance of this wireless router is also very good, good heat dissipation effect makes the wireless router run more stable.

Linksys EA8500

As the first wireless router supporting 4×4 MU-MIMO technology, Linksys EA8500 adopts dual-band quad-antenna design, equipped with Qualcomm QCA9880 frequency chip + 1.4Ghz dual-core IPQ8064 chip, the maximum wireless speed in the 5GHz band can reach 1733Mbps, the 2.4GHz band can reach up to 800Mbps, and the bandwidth can be up to 2.53Gbps. The EA8500 has a maximum wireless transmission rate of 1.73Gbps, which is currently the highest rate wireless router product under Linksys.

The center adopts a mirror design, which is full of technology. The Linksys EA8500 adopts the overall look of Smart WiFi left over from the CISCO era. What is different is that the Linksys EA8500 has 4 antennas, forming a 4X4 spatial flow architecture, and the performance also uses Qualcomm IPQ8064 SoC, which is still very strong.

Double 11 is close, if you want to play games, watch movies and video chat or snap up to have a faster network, then you really need a wireless router with strong performance, good network speed and great stability, perhaps these four will be a good choice for Double 11. Especially the Rare King Kong Aurora AC848, because it is the latest fast, in addition to performance, technical aspects also have certain advantages.

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