After the dyeing system goes live, various strange appearances appear, the most eye-catching is green. To this end, players held an Arad green fashion dyeing show, not to mention, with various professions, different styles, always feel like there is a story!

“Dog Set” is a classic fashion in the game, and the whole can be bleached and dyed, which has a unique flavor. Moreover, when you take a time-space weapon and trigger special effects in the picture, you can be more “touching the scene”! In addition to the “dog set”, the ghost swordsman has some simple matches, the hair and the lower part are dyed green, and the pet name is very appropriate, “She said she is running”, and you can tell at a glance that this is a player with a story!

And the gunman profession, collectively appeared on the street, wearing different styles of green fashion, even hats were not spared. A green feeling, rendering the entire street, they are the brightest boys! I have to admire, or the male gunner profession can play!

Uncle’s fox head sky set, which is also a very classic fashion in the game, has always fixed the color before, but after being able to bleach and dye, some green foxes were born. Of course, there are also some dads who only dye the fox’s head green, and bleach other parts to form a colorful fox.

The female magician’s flower fairy sky set, classic and good-looking, after some players bleached, turned green. The green flower fairy has a special charm and is also a player with a story!

The male martial artist’s green fashion match, even the bald head is very graphic, the entry of the picture triggers the special effect of the space-time weapon, and the pet is also very suitable. The appearance of “Be Strong” gives it a comfort, and it is also a player with a story.

The female gunslinger profession also came to show green fashion, with the green buds on the head, a strong spring spirit came to the face. The female gunner classes created by the player are all bleached and dyed green, which shows that the story in my heart is very exciting!

This green dyeing show, there are many strange collocations, all different styles, but each one has experienced vicissitudes and gives people a sense of story. Unfortunately, the Chrono weapon can only trigger the green effect when it is worn. If, after the transformation, the green special effect is retained, then it will be more appropriate!

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