“Curing all diseases” is not only suitable for girls, but also boys’ love for bags. Carrying a suitable bag with you when you go out will not only store your belongings, but also enhance your overall clothing taste.


Tiger camouflage shoulder bag

When it comes to trendy classic elements, camouflage will definitely be a high-ticket option, with a tough and handsome style charm and a charming hormonal taste. Bring a shoulder bag with a tiger-print camouflage jacket on the street, I believe no one dares to say your mother.

With its sharp and stylish lines, it creates a strong visual effect, and through the combination of water-repellent fabrics and semi-sheer grids, it interprets the military taste of tiger camouflage in a more three-dimensional way. With exquisite shape design, beautiful and practical.


Contrast envelope cross-body bag

In recent years, there has been a retro craze in the fashion industry, making envelope-style cross-body bags a favorite among trendy icons. Eye-catching retro color-blocking design, the overall appearance is three-dimensional and layered; The eye-catching monogram print logo interprets the unique brand identity.

The detachable shoulder strap buckle has different D buckles that can be adjusted horizontally and vertically. Such an intimate and innovative design not only realizes the “one package multi-purpose” system, but also meets the aesthetic needs of different groups of people, and easily controls a variety of styles and styling.


Deconstruct the versatile backpack

It is said that the boy carrying a backpack looks too artistic, but this detachable multi-functional backpack can make you more masculine.

Inspired by the street, military, and team combat elements in SUBCREW’s DNA, it adopts a three-zip design and can realize the function of disassembling 1 pack into 3 packs through the MOLLE military system, combining appearance and functionality to the fullest.


3M reflective functional chest bag

Boys who like functional style clothes are generally not very girly. As a must-have artifact for trendy men to go out on the street, functional chest bags reveal tough style charm in their bones.

Exquisite and fashionable external structure design, just enough to place mobile phones, wallets and other valuables; Combined with eye-catching color-blocking elements, inject more personalization factors. The blessing of 3M reflective fabric makes the overall style more cool, and at the same time keeps up with the current trend.

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