Vehicle Condition:

A car friend, at the end of 2019, he bought a 2020 Haval H6, with a mileage of less than 200 kilometers and no accidents.

Vehicle breakdown:

Not long after this Haval H6 was mentioned, it was found that the suspension height on both sides was different, and the difference between the left and right sides was 2 cm; And there is no one in the car, and the tire pressure is normal.

Cause of failure 1

: The shock absorber has oil leakage oil pressure support force is inconsistent, the shock spring is not installed in place, the toughness of the shock spring is reduced, and there is a problem with the adjustment of the suspension torsion bar when leaving the factory, which leads to the suspension failure.

Solution 1:

Replace the shock absorber first to do four-wheel alignment. If it still doesn’t solve the problem, change the spring to do four-wheel alignment. If you are in the insurance, you can find the manufacturer to claim for replacement of shock absorbers and springs for four-wheel alignment. If the vehicle is out of insurance, it needs to be repaired and replaced, and the price of replacing a pair of shock absorbers is 200 yuan a piece, and the price of a 4S shop is 300 yuan a piece. Maintenance man-hours The price of the repair workshop is 400 yuan, and the 4S shop needs 600 yuan.

Cause 2:

The body of the fixed suspension system is deformed, the skeleton hardness is not enough, and the fixed point will be deformed over time, resulting in left and right deviations.

Solution 2:

The body is connected to the suspension system problem, and the four-wheel alignment is done to adjust the elevation angle of the vehicle. The price of the repair shop is about 500 yuan, and the 4S shop is about 1000 yuan. :

Cause of failure 3:

During use, if you drive on a complex road surface, encounter large pits and other conditions, the body will have a large vibration, causing damage to the chassis connection part, resulting in left and right deviations. It should be noted that the diesel engine is heavier than the gasoline car engine, and if the road surface is uneven when running, it will also affect the suspension.

Solution 3:

If it is caused by deformation of the ingots beam, shock absorber or shock spring or the installation is not in place. To replace the Yuanbao beam, the repair shop is about 2,000 yuan; A shock absorber is about 300 yuan, and the left and right shock absorbers need to be replaced for about 600 yuan; The shock spring is about 100 to 200 yuan; The price of the 4S store is slightly more expensive, replacing the Yuanbao Liang for about 2600-3000 yuan; The left and right shock absorbers are about 800 yuan; Shock springs are probably around 150 to 300.


The suspension failure is still relatively serious, if the problem is found, it needs to be checked and repaired in time; Because the suspension problem may affect driving safety, especially when cornering, the center of gravity may be deviated, which will cause a rollover accident. If it is not necessary, try not to walk on potholed roads, which will also protect the suspension to a certain extent.

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