Lord Fan said: How to wear a suit thug

Recently, “Blood Gangster” ushered in the final season. Worthy of it

BAFTA Award for Best Drama Series, Season 6

The Douban score is 9.7, and the reputation is quite good~

To make up lessons for friends who haven’t seen it, “Blood Gangster” is about the legendary gangster family Peaky Blinder in the Birmingham area of the United Kingdom after the end of World War I

(Razor Party)

, a story of ups and downs in turbulent times.

“The fog over Birmingham is smoke from the Razor Party, and whiskey runs in the blood of the Shelby family”.

The core characters of the Razor Party in the play are the three brothers of the Shelby family, the eldest Arthur


, Old Third John


Reckless, courageous, the gang all relies on the ambitious, powerful, and tactical second Tommy



Especially Tommy, it’s really too much to be headed, combining the appearance of Clarian Murphy, the temperament of the British suit thug, and the “beautiful and miserable” character in one, which is simply unbearable…

After watching a full six seasons, Lord Fan felt that the “British social people” still had something in this matter of handsomeness. The three Shelby brothers wear suits and walk with the wind, you taste ↓

There are also female gang members, who are also sassy in the play, and many styles are still fashionable ~

In the last two seasons, there is also the big beauty Anya Taylor-Joy playing “Big Brother’s Woman”, and the retro dress is beautiful ↓

Today, Lord Fan will take advantage of the start of the sixth season of “Blood Gangster” to give everyone a pick-up, how the gang members in the play are handsome~

1. Hairstyle: Shelby hairstyle, shave right

Let’s analyze the hairstyles of a wave of gang big brothers first.

The Shelby hairstyle left by the three male protagonists in the play

(Shelby haircut)

, all refer to the 1920 criminal portraits, characterized by a short and rough shaved back and sides, and a longer top of the head, with different styles.

This hairstyle is best suited for men with oval face shape or well-defined cheekbones ↓

Tommy is very well controlled, with both the arrogance of the gang big brother and an indescribable decadence + literature.

However, like him, the long hair on the top of his head is handled loosely, and it may be messy by the wind at any time, which is very testing his appearance.

The hairstyle of the third John is not so good to hold, the hair is relatively suitable, the requirements for the face shape and facial features are high, the effect is a gangster son, and the effect is not good, it is the “big-headed son” of the landlord’s family.

Big brother Arthur’s hairstyle is the hottest now – after shaving off the sides and back, comb the long hair in front and set it with hair wax, which looks very retro.

Many male stars love to keep this head, and the British fan is full.

2. Clothing: men’s group five-piece set, suit thug standard

The costume of the “Shelby Boy Group” is also a major attraction of “Blood Gangster”~

The costume design of this drama was responsible for the famous British designer Stephanie Collie, in order to restore the dressing style of gang members at that time, the designer also referred to the styling of the real Razor Party members↓

So, whether engaged in business, life, or hard work, the men of the Shelby family are five-piece sets of coats, suits, newsboy hats, pocket watches, and leather shoes~

Foreign media have also analyzed that this “suit thug” outfit can not only reflect the status of the Razor Party in the industrial ghetto, but also skillfully distinguish them from the equally rich British gentlemen and challenge the authority of high society.

Let’s talk specifically about the choice of suits. The “Shelby boy bands” usually pick woolen materials, more everyday notch collars, and loose cuts that became popular after World War I.

In terms of color, they wear almost exclusively gray, black and navy blue. The beige suit, favored by the upper class and representing affluence and upbringing, is too inconvenient for the daily work of the gang members at the bottom





The shirt with the inside is also very distinctive, and it is a white or blue striped detachable collar shirt that was very popular in the 20s ↓

At that time, in an industrial town like Birmingham, the environment was still relatively harsh, and there was soot and dust everywhere, so they would wear a tonal long coat outside that could protect against the cold and prevent staining the suit.

Only on relatively formal occasions such as weddings, black, blue or striped styles will be worn, and more delicate and noble lapel suits↓

Or a role like “gangster financial director”, the usual dress will be more advanced.

Of course, when attending dinner parties, gang members also use the wingtip collar shirts worn on the most formal occasions. This wingtip collar is very small, like the wings of a bird, and is usually paired with a bow tie and tuxedo.

To reveal another detail to everyone, these suits in the play are all “friendly sponsorship” by local suit shops in Birmingham, and the real big brother treatment…

3. Accessories: newsboy hats, pocket watches, ties…

In addition to hairstyles and costumes, the accessories of the male characters in “Blood Gangster” are also quite outstanding. Gang members are all gray newsboy hats↓

This hat is also called an eight-piece cap

(Eight-Piece Cap)

The cap is large, made from eight pieces of wool tweed, and topped with a button to cover the panels.

Razor Party members will use inexpensive, barbershop blades that can easily evade police interrogation and sew into the brim of newsboys’ hats as their personal weapons

(Also the origin of the gang name)

In the past few years since the broadcast of this drama, the sales of similar newsboy hats have also gone all the way, and all kinds of Tommy on the Internet …

Also popular was the brass Albert pocket watch they hung on their vests. In the play, both the single-headed Albert bracelet and the double-headed Albert bracelet have appeared ↓

From the first to the last season, Tommy hangs with green gemstones

Single head Albert bracelet.

The boss Arthur has worn this relatively rough and domineering style, and he also has a sense of big guy atmosphere

Of course, the double-headed Albert bracelet is also very common, and the family coat of arms can be hung underneath~

Let’s talk about ties, the ties of gang members are relatively low-key, like the solid color knitted ties that Tommy often wears, which is very British.

If it is a tie with a pattern, it is also a relatively low-key style such as polka dots and stripes~

A more delicate gangster male member will also match himself with a piercing


(Collar pin)

, support the tie and keep the collar upright.

Only Arthur, the eldest of Shelby’s three brothers, does not love ties and likes to tie bow ties.

Occasionally wear a tie, and also match yourself with a coquettish scarf of the same color ↓

In the latest season, a white scarf was also exposed, which looked slightly decadent…

However, Fan feels that the most atmospheric accessory in “Blood Gangster” is glasses. When the gang members put on gold wire glasses, Sven scum’s temperament was instantly full!!!

4. Car: from “BMW” to Bentley, handsome to no friends

After all, it is a character who seeks wealth and danger, and the car of the Shelby family man is not an ordinary trench. Usually proficient in horseback riding and gambling horses, the price of a BMW is comparable to a classic car.

In the 20s, they had a car to get around~

Arranged marriages have old father-in-law sending cars…

In the 30s, it was directly driven on the Bentley

(It is the Speed 6 known as the “Bentley Blue Train”)

It’s quite arrogant!

5, the eldest brother’s woman: hot head and mink, full of aura

Finally, Lord Fan briefly analyzed and analyzed with everyone, standing next to the male gang members, and even grabbed the “big brother’s woman” who was even more camera-grabbing than them.

The female characters in this drama are very flesh and blood and style, from dressing to courage, means, and the degree of demonization, not losing to gang men ~

Very popular Aunt Polly

(Aunt of the Shelby brothers)

Before his death, he was in charge of the Razor Party’s finances, took care of the family business, and helped the men clean up the mess.

Anya, who appears at the beginning of the fifth season, is also a ruthless person with means, by marrying the Shelby family, and conspiring with her husband to take away the gang business.

In terms of hairstyles, the “sisters-in-law” love to burn their heads, and everyone has retro waves. The most amazing thing is this short blonde curly hair

This makeup method and the eldest brother also match a face, and at a glance, it is a noble lady with a big guy.

Of course, there is also this short black curly hair left by Aunt Polly in the play, which is not so delicate and fitted, and it looks like a lot of strong women.

However, the aunt stood up and blew a disposable flower or something, and the degree of nobility was definitely not inferior to the little young.

In short, in this drama, regardless of hair color, length or shortness, female characters are right!

In addition, the eldest brother’s woman must have a mink. There is this full-body furry style

There are also coats that are relatively low-key and decoat with fur on the collar and cuffs.

In short, different materials and colors can be available, the fur is draped on the shoulders, the sister-in-law is only down-to-earth, and Anya is draped in mink most of the time inside~

In terms of accessories, the female characters in “Blood Gangster” also love to wear hats, the most classic is this bell-shaped hat that was popular in the twenties and thirties

However, in this drama, the hat styles of female characters are still much richer than those of men, and hats with wide brims like this are also very high.

There are also berets with silk mesh, which is also “sister-in-law standard”, beautiful retro aura!

In general, the female members of the Shelby family are very fashionable in dressing, Chinese clothes and furs do not leave the body, palm-sized gems are worn casually, and formal occasions are no different from the “Gatsby aristocracy” of the same period↓

Well, “Blood Gangster” is here for everyone. What do you think of this style of painting? Welcome to discuss in the message area.

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