When the cold wave comes, it is urgent to have a pair of warm shoes for the winter, and the first thing the sisters think of is snow boots.

However, when you think of the same style of snow boots on the street, it is inevitable that you will be embarrassed by bumping shoes. Ay…… It’s starting to get hard again.

In fact, this year’s snow boots style has a lot of innovation compared to previous years. Compared with the common surface fur material, Chanel’s new boots add plush material to the surface.

And in the color choice is also more bold, the fire all over the Internet Klein blue with snow boots is not good.

Miu Miu is even more exaggerated, directly using all rolled wool, plus personalized rivet mixing, temperature and demeanor are arranged!

In addition to the soft snow boots, this year’s snow boots were even replaced with a “down jacket”. BALMAIN’s snow boots have a novel design and are full of futuristic technology. Doodle, contrast colors, be a fashionable “astronaut”.

In contrast, Louis Vuitton is much more everyday, the “down jacket” material is warm and light, without the bulkiness of ordinary snow boots, opening the door to a new world.

The launch of new models from various big brands means that it is no longer the snow boots you used to know.

Let’s take a look at what interesting snow boot brands are available today, so that you can wear snow boots during the upcoming Spring Festival holiday and blow up the street with your girlfriends!



Leisure is natural

Inspired by Greenland and born in Switzerland, this Swiss-inspired brand was founded in 2013 by CINZIA MAAG and her sons Danilo and ALESSIO, expressing our own personal fashion statement.

Combining with sneakers, the classic Classic Sneaker combines practical form and function with timeless style effortlessly.

Also made of the unique BANANATEX material, the world’s first durable waterproof fabric made entirely of banana plants. Natural constant temperature organic materials, in the coldest winter, to give you the most intimate warmth.

Winter must-have lamb wool and leather panels keep you warm without being so exaggerated, perfect for your daily commute.

INUIKII uses different materials to highlight your different personality. It can be casual and elegant, or it can be ostentatious.

lost in echo

Stylish and comfortable

Founded in 2018, Chinese designer brand Lost in Echo is carefully developed every season, taking you to experience its exquisite craftsmanship while feeling the freedom and diversity of fashion attitude.

Its Midwinter Fufu collection is inspired by the wrapping and home design of midwinter, comfortable and unrestrained. Soft sheepskin and velvet wool work together, cotton wool is filled with imagination, soft fufu, hot fufu, let fufu heal your midwinter.

After wearing it, you can also turn into Sailor Moon like Xu Lu and Yang Chao.

Shen Mengchen decisively chose this cool black snow boots on a snowy day, and looking at her happy appearance in the snow, you can know how satisfied she is with this fashionable pair of snow boots.

Another hot down material snow boots, the knot design and the blessing of the glossy surface, snow boots can also wear the sense of millennial babes.

The extra-thick bottom instantly lengthens the proportions of the legs, and the fresh candy color adds a touch of interest to winter days.

Moon boots

Colorful rainbows

Instagram-savvy Moon Boot, a legendary brand founded by Giancarlo Zanatta in 1969, gave snow boots a surreal attitude inspired by the moon landing.

The most popular is the ICON series, which is made of light nylon and collects all the rainbow colors, adding a lot of color to the winter.

The pair of bright silver futuristic snow boots worn by Sister Kim directly grasps the most popular metaverse concept.

Whether you want to be a sweet girl or a cool sister, you have the final say!

The most innovative of Moon Boot is the Lab69 series, and the animal print is versatile and not monotonous in autumn and winter.

In addition to the above two, it also has a fur model, unlike the two brands introduced earlier, Moon Boot is decorated with string. Even Sister Snap’s white snow boots cleverly use red rope to create a unique rainbow highlight of her home.



Mou, which means soft to the touch in French, was created in London in 2002 by designer Shelley Tichborne with the desire to create original and luxurious footwear that would ease the stress of modern city life.

The soft boot shape changes the stiffness of traditional snow boots, and fits the skin better, giving you the warmest and most tangible protection, and it is difficult to get cold.

The shoe shape featuring Eskimo elements, each pair is handmade, and the design of the appearance pattern is very careful.

In addition to the basic color blocking, the sequin-covered design allows you to travel through the stars every step of the way.

What’s more interesting is that the soft calf leather, the embossed with the wonderful combination of Chinese dragon, is a rare craftsmanship in snow boots, and can definitely highlight your difference.

The type you want seems to be found in its home, embossed, letters, all kinds of patterns, completely subverting the monotony of traditional snow boots with solid colors and no patterns.

Single product recommendation

Introducing so many types of snow boots, do you still think that snow boots are monotonous and easy to bump?

Pick a pair of snow boots with your own name and personality to make your winter warm and fun!

Executive Producer: Sherry Ning Lee

Responsible editor: Chen Xixi

Written by: Elva




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