With the development of society, people’s economic level is getting higher and higher, and the quality of life is getting higher and higher. People not only eat better and better, more and more fresh and nutritious, but also use more and more advanced, saving time and effort.

Fuel injection bottle

Today’s people pay great attention to health, pursue light food, and like less oil and less salt. In daily life, stir-frying, cooking can not be separated from edible oil, eat too much and afraid of unhealthy, it is difficult to control the amount with an oil pot, when frying things, you will accidentally pour a lot of oil out. This fuel injection bottle is just the right size in the hand, it is very convenient to use, the bottle body has a scale, how much oil is needed is easy to grasp, and you have the final say.

The sprayed oil is mist, the amount is small and uniform, reduce the oil intake, and a healthy life starts from oil control. Built-in fuel injector, the fuel injection does not dirty the bottle body, and it will not leak oil when it is inverted.

Push-to-press toothpick box

The style is small and chic, the design is very creative, with a light press, the toothpick will automatically pop up, the keys are sensitive, and the signature is smooth. Clean and hygienic, convenient and fast, and super good-looking.

The lid can be detached for easy toothpicks, which can hold up to 50 toothpicks at a time.

bottle opener

I believe that everyone has encountered such embarrassment, coveted the can for a long time, and wanted to eat it but could not open it. Not only are canned bottles difficult to open, but many seasoning bottles are also packaged in this way, making every effort but helpless. It’s not that we have little strength, but we have to learn to borrow power.

Peeling melon seed artifact

Don’t look at its small stature, but it is unambiguous in its work, melon seeds, peanuts, pine nuts can be dialed, protect your front teeth, and peel easily without getting tired of your hands.

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