Today, F for everyone Amway one of the strongest thermal coats – plush coat, soft and sticky plush, from the beginning of the visual can give people a sense of sweetness and tenderness trapped in the gentle township, its good who wears who knows. It does not have the swelling feeling of a down jacket, nor does it have the noblewoman feeling of fur, so it is warm and good-looking. It is comparable to a walking quilt, and it can be said that it is a cute coat that people can’t refuse!

This year, there has been a wave of plush coats in the fashion world, and major fashion brands have also reintroduced a variety of new plush coats in their fall/winter collections.

Bottega Veneta Fall/Winter 2020 collection

FENDI Fall/Winter 2020 collection

Coach Fall/Winter 2020 collection

Hermès Fall/Winter 2020 collection

Max Mara Fall/Winter 2020 collection

Tod’s Fall/Winter 2020 collection

MSGM Fall/Winter 2020 Collection

This year, these plush coats have taken on a more revamped look, looking warm, cold and windproof, and most importantly, trendier.

Long – warm atmosphere

The most important function of winter coats is to keep warm, if you are very afraid of cold, then a long lamb wool coat can solve the temperature problem well, and because of the length, it is easy to wear the aura.

The brown plush coat feels the same as a teddy bear, so it is also affectionately called “teddy bear coat”. In addition to being thin, it is also very temperamental, warm and intimate, and extremely friendly to all skin tones.

Dark fur can always give people a dull feeling, and the lighter color will have a younger trend. Low-saturation colors can sweep away dull feelings.

The white teddy bear coat is also highly likely to be flopped. It comes with a soft light effect, wearing it is a walking “reflector”, of course, it is also soft and sticky like a milk candy.

Wearing a long plush jacket is to avoid complicated matching, choose a simple and clean underwear, so that wearing can weaken the heaviness of the jacket and make people look lighter.

You can choose a full-body underwear, so that the coat will have a visual separation effect with the underwear, making it look thinner.

Simple and crude suits are also favored by fashionistas as an underwear for plush jackets, and you can’t go wrong with chic.

The heavier the coat, the better it will be combined with a “fluttery” piece such as a skirt. A long plush jacket, you don’t even have to put it on, casually draped, it is a landscape.

In addition, “unbuttoned” is also a careful machine for fashionable elves to show thinness.

If you really feel cold, use a belt to cut the proportions, and the proportion coordination is also the meaning of thinness.

Or choose a mid-length jacket that is also good, and it adds a bit of elegance, with wide-leg pants, super aura!

Short – appears tall and thin

Afraid of being pressed, the best choice of plush jacket is short, compared to the long one, the short plush jacket is less selective, and looks more neat, and it is more casual to match.

The style that is just over the waist line can also visually stretch the proportions to create a long leg feeling, and small people don’t have to worry about not being able to hold it.

The gentle and sweet cheese white plush jacket, whether it is mixed and matched small leg pants or straight pants, is very retro and lazy style, it is definitely the best choice to enhance the sense of dynamism and appearance of dressing!

The cool motorcycle plush jacket is a hot style in the past two years, and it is a classic model that will not go out of style when worn for ten years. It can be salt and sweet, and it is handsome and sassy while showing thinness.

Plush jackets come with a “fluffy feeling”, so try to follow the principle of “loose and tight top” when matching. The simplest thing is to wear it with a pair of slim trousers and a pair of boots, it will look very awe-inspiring! Whooping and sassy.

Of course, if you want to add a bit of elegance and freshness to autumn and winter, the lamb wool coat and white pants group CP, not only can weaken the heaviness and dullness brought by the coat with the help of white femininity, but also can surge elegant femininity, high-end sense burst!

Colorful models – eye-catching and playful

In addition to the classic plush jacket, fashionistas love the Colorful! The brightly colored plush jacket breaks away from everyone’s impression of luxury and becomes playful.

A colorful plush jacket can become the C position in street photography even with a pair of jeans.

Although pink looks difficult to control at first glance, it is very cute on the coat, and you can turn into a soft girl with a casual wrap.

If you feel that high saturation colors are not very friendly to Asians, you can choose a slightly lighter color, and the delicate and soft material makes her soft and feminine.

Patterned models – more special and personal

If you want to be special and reduce your age, you can also choose a plush jacket with a patterned model, which is not only special in style, but also does not give too dull an impression.

Adding stripes or checkered elements will make the overall look more lively and three-dimensional!

Animal-print items have also been popular in the past two years, adding a wild touch to ordinary winter days.

If you’re confident in your ability to control your style, you can also try these beautiful colors and patterns.

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