Many people who have babies often buy some special cribs for their babies, and usually draw some small toys on the cribs so that the dolls can play before going to bed. However, recently rumors have circulated on the Internet that if you hang toys on the crib, it is likely to raise some squint-eyed babies, which has attracted the attention of many parents. But because there is no scientific basis, some people are still reluctant to believe it. So, should toys be hung in the crib? Will hanging up the toy affect the baby’s vision?

In fact, if you hang toys in a crib, most people will choose to hang them on the two levers of the crib, and most of these levers are not directly above, but next to the sides. When the baby sits on the crib to sleep, because it does not have the ability to walk, it can only lie down and observe these toys, and many times the eyes are in a state of squint. Looking at it for a long time, it is naturally likely to cause strabismus, so there is a certain scientific basis for this.

When the baby is born, the vision state is relatively poor, and the vision can only be improved through acquired growth and development. Therefore, when the baby’s vision is very poor, but hang some dolls above the baby’s bed, over time, the baby often likes to use strabismus to see things clearly. If the baby looks at these dolls directly above the eyes, he usually has the feeling that he cannot see clearly, and the dolls can only be seen clearly through squinting. Slowly formed a habit, so it is still not recommended to hang dolls on the crib, especially on both sides of the lever.

In addition, some people also like to hang some ringing toys on the baby’s bedside, which is also incorrect. If the baby touches these ringing toys while playing, it may cause excitement in the baby. But if someone passes by when the baby is asleep or is blown by the wind, accidentally making these toys sound, it is easy for the baby to be woken up suddenly in a state of sleep.

In the long run, it is easy to cause babies to wake up in the middle of the night when they sleep, and many adults generally do not know that it is caused by their own actions, and blindly explain this matter in a superstitious state. The legend that it is because the baby is possessed or scared by a ghost is actually without any scientific basis.

From a scientific point of view, it is actually not recommended not to hang dolls in the infant stage, but if the child has grown to one to two years old, you can hang some small dolls above the head of the bed.

Because at this time the baby can already begin to walk slowly, if some dolls are hung at the head of the bed, it is conducive to the baby to obtain the doll through its own crawling or walking, which can promote the limb movement of these young children, which is good for young children.

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