First, the wine cabinet for decoration

Nowadays, many people like to drink a little wine at home, gather with family or have a drink with friends. Creating a good-looking, atmospheric wine cabinet in a restaurant is a must for more and more families.

A good-looking wine cabinet can not only represent the spiritual pursuit of the family, but also enhance the style of the entire space.

Generally, wine cabinets need to be kept away from light, so brown cabinets can be created, hidden light strips can be installed, and if the restaurant is decorated with crystal chandeliers, the feeling of high-class and gorgeous will be stronger.

Second, the hanging cabinet is used as a background wall

Users who pursue practicality and cost-effectiveness can use hanging cabinets as restaurant background decorations. The white ceiling cabinet can be embedded in the wall, and the white color also harmonizes with the entire space, which is invisible and high-class.

Third, the decorative mirror as the background

Friends who pursue artistic conception and elegant and romantic atmosphere can make the walls of the restaurant solid color. Choose a textured and nice mirror to hang on the wall, which visually enhances the brightness of the space and broadens the view space of the restaurant. And the mirror as a background wall decoration looks exquisite and special, relatives and friends come to visit, will definitely become the highlight of the whole house.

Fourth, decorative paintings as the background

If you want to choose a design, you can’t go wrong with how to design it, and it won’t be outdated, it’s definitely a decorative painting as a background wall. This not only reflects the artistic atmosphere of the owner, but also can change the decorative painting at any time. With a simple selection of hanging pictures, you can even change the decoration style of the whole family. Such an economical, trouble-saving effect is an excellent choice, the owner can refer to it.

5. The shelf is the background

Shelves for background decoration are also the choice of many families. In this way, you can store items, put some decorative items, can be used for storage, and save space and do not take up space.

6. Gypsum line decoration

Friends who like simplicity and pursue simplicity and atmosphere prefer that the background wall of the restaurant is a big white wall, at most do some Roman line decoration to make the space more layered.

7. Windows as a background

The restaurant is set at the window, which has the unique advantage of removing the dining chairs and making a booth with its back against the window. In this way, the space during dining is more permeable and the air flow is also good. If the weather is good, you can also watch the stars in the sky while eating, which is a special flavor.

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