Two days ago, I sent the Valentino x La Traviata, and many people shouted, “Ah! Good fairy! So beautiful! Love it! Can’t afford it!”. Even if we can afford it, we mortals can’t go out every day in a dress that drags to the floor.”

To dress fairy, it is actually very simple, and the secret is “light”. First of all, it is best for people to be lighter, and then they have to pick these very “light” fabrics to wear~


While collecting silk runway charts and lookbook charts, this Veda 2016 early fall lookbook really amazes me instantly. Goose yellow and pink, the girly colors, look sexy and advanced because of the texture and luster of silk.

You can also see that this has a lot to do with the popularity of “pajama style”.

Céline Spring 2016

Whether it’s slip dresses with suspenders or sets of top-up pajamas on the runway and on the street, it gives this close-fitting and intimate fabric more opportunities to show its face.

Calvin Klein Collection Spring 2016

It also makes silk fabrics have more and more young and fashionable designs.

Tibi Spring 2016

However, because silk is easy to wrinkle, many brands will choose chemical fiber fabrics with sufficient gloss but more structured when making “pajamas”. I think it’s okay to wear it in spring and autumn, and it’s going to suffocate in summer…

If you are worried about wrinkles, you can choose non-solid silk “pajamas” to effectively cover the wrinkles. Well, anyway, it’s not obvious at first glance~

Some girls still find slip dresses a little shy to wear on the street, and a high-slit blouse dress like the one on the right is great. This design is a lot of high streets in Zara, and when you look at it alone, you may also wonder how to wear this kind of clothes with slits to creaky nests, make trouble, just wear it ~

The wrinkle and scratch resistance of heavy silk will be stronger, it will look more shiny, and the brightly colored single wear will be very outstanding.

The silk skirt with a sense of design is a whole body that can handle the summer, and it is cool to die~

Reformation, a brand that specializes in environmentally friendly and sophisticated materials, can always make clothes look good. The main fabrics they promote this summer are light silk and hemp, which are all that my mother loves to buy when she arrives in the summer.

Reformation Mirabelle Dress $248

But as soon as this design comes out, is it young and fashionable? There are two more pieces of cloth in the sleeves, and I believe that those who are at a loss with only suspenders will feel more secure

Reformation Wave Dress $248

The cold COS also has a lot of silk fabric clothing. They usually don’t do too much detail like Reformation, which is a straight-legged simple body. But this summer there are a lot of pink colors~



Theory is also known for its simple design, good tailoring and materials, suitable for fashionable professional women who pursue a small sense of design without being ostentatious~

Theory Silk Off-The-Shoulder Jumpsuit $395

TheorySilk Tie-Front Shirt $235


Well, just now, the second fabric is hemp, linen. A fabric that looks a little raw, a little rough. But it has many benefits in summer, light and breathable, moisture absorption, sweat will not stick to the body.

Trussardi’s interpretation of hemp fabric this season is the closest to my inherent concept of hemp. It’s naturally perfect for big, flowy and casual styles. And the color is generally so low saturation, too suitable for summer~

On the Hermes Spring/Summer 2016 runway, a double-sided hemp fabric was used, which is stiffer and stiffer than ordinary single-layer hemp, which is suitable for more formal occasions, but still retains the skin-friendly and breathable characteristics of hemp.

Now that the fabric technology is so developed, there are also many blended hemp fabrics, which can be more structured than pure cotton and not easy to wrinkle.

If you want to be more fashionable, you can avoid wearing a whole cotton and linen product like a gown, which will be very good X cloth X. Choose something that’s stiff and designed to mix and match tops or bottoms.

There are also many fashion brands that use hemp fabrics to make very design items, and many of them can’t find hemp without looking closely.

I was blind when I looked for pictures…

Reformation’s pieces made of hemp fabric are also super trendy and definitely not motherly.

Reformation Marguerite Top $78

This jumpsuit is a blend of Tencel and hemp, because the pants have relatively high requirements in terms of drape, and the addition of Tencel can make the pants drape straighter~

Reformation Kiki Jumpsuit $198

Their hemp items also change your inherent impression of “hemp” and yellow haha, and the colors are very pink and cute.

Reformation Frankie Jumpsuit $178

If you don’t put anything else, you think I’m advertising Reformation…

Madewell Tie Front Culotte Jumpsuit £103.56 | $150.00

Warehouse Premium Linen Mix Wide Leg Jumpsuit $122.00

Hemp is also soft enough, so many designers use it to make some designs with a lot of ruffles or very feminine ~

LANVIN Ruffle Drape Neck Blouse $1,995

SANDY LIANG Bardot Blouse with Linen CNY 3.064


Finally, and the lightest and fairiest, yarn, Tulle. This transparent mesh can be woven from different materials. For example, high-grade points can also be made of silk to make Silk Tulle. Many of them use nylon, but because they are very thin, they will not be breathable~

Tulle is actually a fabric that is easy to wear, and it is amazing and not easy to try. Until Miu Miu and a group of brands loved by weird girls began to play “yarn” this season…

They usually do not wear the yarn piece as a separate top or bottom, but on top of the existing look.

MSGM Pre-fall 2016

Either wrap a gauze skirt on the lower body, which may have been wearing a dress inside…

I also saw this way of wearing on the street, but the style is relatively less pompous, and the acceptance has increased greatly~

London’s cute and quirky brand Molly Goddard’s tulle overdress has more than one layer of gauze and looks two-dimensional.

Wearing it on Susie Bubble is also a match, and the artist is bold…

Stella McCartney’s girls put their gauze dresses over slip dress, from the bedroom to the red carpet, which is a matter of two arms outstretched~

And Dior Spring and Summer 2016 is also a dream all the time, like walking in a girl’s hazy boudoir. Everything has to be covered with a thin layer of tulle.

This form is also a kind of retro, in the 50’s of the last century, it was very popular to wear tulle over a simple dress skirt once grand and fairy.

Now, there are no taboos about what to wear inside, and it seems more interesting to be unexpected. I think the girl with a rough arm that is afraid to show has also found a little savior who can be covered.

With them, you are no longer afraid of slip dresses …

SIMONE ROCHA floral print tulle apron top $656.77

MIU MIU Tulle dress $ 1,445

More down-to-earth models wear this on the street: a tulle top and a sporty Bra.

When you wear Bra, suspenders, crop tops, you can get a small tulle top that you want to refuse to return. Visually, it is even lighter and fairy than not wearing this layer of yarn~

ASOS Sheer Mix Top $35.59

Cheap Monday Magnetize Sheer Top $24.26

This summer, what is more refreshing than the “light” you wearing “light” clothes?

Some! is to drive another good-looking, but surprisingly lightweight car, Jaguar XE~

Its front face is super domineering, with a pair of sharp and narrow “single eyelid” headlights, and its muscular appearance makes it difficult for you to imagine that more than 75% of its body is made of aluminum, which reduces weight to the greatest extent and far exceeds other models in the same class~

At the same time, with the advanced modular intelligent all-aluminum architecture, Jaguar XE is not only lightweight, but also has extremely high torsional rigidity, and aluminum has better shrinkage and energy absorption characteristics than steel, which will only be better than steel for crash safety~

Another obvious benefit of weight loss is environmental protection. It became the most energy-efficient Jaguar model ever built.

There are many cars that say they are “all-aluminum”, but the aluminum RC5754 used by Jaguar XE is a new high-strength alloy specially developed for Jaguar, which is highly recyclable and significantly reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions during production.

Jaguar XE is really a model for straight men, rigid and soft, sexy and domineering, light and strong, and loves environmental protection. Ah, by the way, the ass is still very sexy, this point also… Very important.

Well, I know that if I slap the horse again, I won’t send my car… I sincerely and seriously finished this advertisement…

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MSGM Pre-fall 2016

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