In the cold winter months, warm tea is indeed a good guy to keep out the cold, especially when going out, wearing a thermos cup full of hot tea can indeed make the whole day warm. However, for friends who like to make tea, ordinary thermos cups do not have a design such as tea baskets, so it is inevitable to choke on a sip of tea when drinking tea.

Last week, I received a Beiding BUYDEEM tea thermos cup from worth buying, and the full cup capacity is 400ml, which is larger than the ordinary 330ml thermos cup. In addition, the design of this thermos cup is also very simple, which looks like a retro feeling. There are also two tea bags, which also taste very good.

There are a total of four colors for this tea thermos cup, and this one of mine is shallow island gray, which looks relatively low-key. After holding it in my hand, I think the texture of Beiding BUYDEEM tea thermos cup is good, the surface is not easy to stick fingerprints, of course, because it is metal, so it will be a little cool to the touch in winter.

In the accessories, Beiding provides a hand holding silicone sleeve, after the cup is set, it is not cold in the hand in winter, but also increase friction, wearing gloves can also easily unscrew the lid, the lid also has a silicone handle design, looks very interesting, silicone texture hand feel good, usually you can directly pick up the thermos cup, when not in use can also be folded.

The essence of this thermos cup is above the lid, there is a tea basket on the inside of the lid, which can be opened and closed, and can be removed and cleaned, the tea basket is placed on the top of the cup to better control the concentration of the tea soup, to avoid tea steeping for too long too bitter, turn the cup upside down when making tea, and make sure that the lid is tightened, you may not be used to it at the beginning.

The size of this tea basket is not large, but daily use is enough, after all, the cup itself is a 400ml accompanying cup, suitable for placing tea that can be brewed three or four times, because the water filtration hole of the tea basket is relatively dense, so common tea, fruit tea can be placed inside, as for Beiding’s tea bags, it can barely be stuffed in, it is better to throw it directly into the cup conveniently.

The inside of the cup has a mark that the moisture of double-sided tea is offline, and when adding water, it will not exceed this line and will not pass the tea basket.

The material of this thermos cup is very safe, the inner tank is 316L stainless steel, the tea basket is 304 stainless steel, and it is also relatively durable to make tea, and it is not easy to be corroded by tea. In addition, when cleaning, the stainless steel tea basket is removable, rinse it can be clean, the integrated cup body can seamlessly hide dirt, this thermos cup mouth is relatively wide, so cleaning will be very trouble-free.

The tea basket is loaded with tea leaves, tighten the lid, make tea upside down, according to the concentration of your favorite drink, invert for a few minutes, the upright tea water is separated, and soon a cup of tea without residue and pure taste is good.

In actual use, the insulation effect of Beiding’s thermos cup is good, it can be maintained above 61 degrees for 6 hours, the temperature is just right, and it will not be too hot. The large-bore design opening can cool down faster, and you can use an extra cup when drinking water indoors.

The use scenarios of tea thermos cups are more outdoor in autumn and winter,

It is indeed suitable for making tea. If you drink tea in winter and lack a thermos cup that is convenient to carry out, then this tea-making thermos cup will be a very suitable choice.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Beiding’s tea bag is indeed very full, I prefer this Sydney osmanthus flower, the flesh is very full, after brewing, the aroma of snow pear and osmanthus comes to the face, feeling very fresh, it is indeed a very warm and delicious drink in winter.

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